cmput 355   games, puzzles, algorithms

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  • we are dealing with covid

  • we are dealing with provincial government cuts to health care, education, and higher education

  • thank you for your patience

  • room, bar, classroom: virus


CMPUT 355 is a course on algorithms used to play or solve puzzles (1-player games) or 2-player games, e.g.

  • Conway’s game of life

  • mazes, peg solitaire, sliding tile

  • tic-tac-toe, nim, clobber, hex, go, rock-paper-scissors, Kuhn poker.


  • is intended for general science students but open to anyone

  • has any CMPUT 2xx course for prereq

  • is the first course in the two-course stream 355-455, but 355 is not required for 455

  • is not easy: in recent years students (even those with an A average in other classes) who did not do the homework usually got a grade of F or D


  • are there labs or seminars?     no

  • is knowing how to code a prerequisite?     no, but you will read python code and might have to make small changes to a working program … if you have never coded before, we might be able to find a volunteer to help you get started

  • what will the quizzes and final be like?     possibly long answer, short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice

  • course resources?     these webnotes

  • evaluation ?     see eclass



  • lectures follow these webnotes

  • you are responsible for preparing your own notes

    • to get you started, here are my notes from the first 3 lectures (just a pdf of the webnotes)

    • first 3 lectures pdf

    • 2 course intro, Tromp-Taylor rules explained

    • 1 course outline, rules of go