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NCM29 Hex centermost opening wins?
BIRS 2022 Hex etc: open problems
two books, one puzzle   a 6-minute gathering-4-gardner-14 2022 talk
Let's play Hex: open problems
Unsung Hex heroes
New Hex patterns for fill and prune
A beautiful game from the war
Who posed the puzzles? A Hex detective story
Twist and Turn: the Story of Hex
AI, AlphaGo and Computer Hex
Hexbots post AlphaGo
CNN-FDF Proof Number Search
learning Hex with Deep-Q Learning
Some Results on the Game of Hex
Beautiful Minds
Some Questions on Hex
Solving 10x10 Hex
Blunder Cost in Go and Hex
Story of Hex
Playing Reverse Hex
MoHex: Computer Hex World Champion
playing/solving hex: thesis outline
Solving Hex: Beyond Humans
A Handicap Hex Strategy
Solving 8x8 Hex
Probing the 4-3-2 Edge Template in Hex
Improving DFPN: 1+epsilon trick
Hex, braids, the crossing rule, and XH-search
Hex and theoretical computer science: 60 years and beyond
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Verifying Hex Strategies (part 1)     (part 2)
Solving 7x7 Hex
Pivot and Gomory Cut Perfectly Orderable Graphs