Communication mechanisms for cooperative human-robot manipulation tasks in unstructured environments

People: Camilo Perez QuinteroMartin Jagersand

Humans teach each other manipulation tasks through gestures and pointing. We develop an HRI where the robot interprets spatial gestures using comuter vision and carries out manipulation tasks...

Visual Task Specification

People: Mona Gridseth

A visual interface where the user can specify tasks for the robot to complete using visual servoing...

Point to Line Visual Servoing

People: Mona Gridseth

Uncalibrated visual servoing is used to align the end-effector with the marked line on a patient...

Uncalibrated Visual Servoing

People: Azad Shademan; Amir-massoud Farahmand; Martin Jagersand

Vision-based motion control of a WAM arm without using camera calibration or knowledge of camera/robot transformation for use in unstructured environments...

A modular and flexible bimanipulation system for space-analogue

People: Alejandro Hernandez-Herdocia; Azad Shademan; Martin Jagersand

An advanced dual-arm mobile manipulator is prototyped for research in semi-autonomous teleoperation and supervisory control...

Predictive display

People: Martin Jagersand; Adam Rachmielowski; Dana Cobzas; Azad Shademan; Neil Birkbeck

A predictive display system provided immediate visual feedback from robot site at the operator site...

Image-based maps for robot localization

People: Dana CobzasHong ZhangMartin Jagersand

Panoramic image mosaic augmented with depth information applied to robot localization...

Mobile Manipulation and Telerobotics for Space Exploration

People: Azad Shademan; Alejandro Hernandez-Herdocia; David Lovi; Neil Birkbeckartin; Jagersand

We have a partnership with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to develop semi-autonomous supervised control in space telerobotics using uncalibrated vision for traking and modeling...

Modular Tracking Framework (MTF), A Highly Efficient and Extensible Library for Registration based Visual Tracking

People: Abhineet Singh; Mennatullah Siam; Vincent Zhang; Martin Jagersand

MTF is a modular, extensible and highly efficient open source framework for registration based tracking targeted at robotics applications. It is implemented entirely in C++ and is designed from the ground up to easily integrate with systems that support any of several major vision and robotics libraries including OpenCV, ROS, ViSP and Eigen.

Tracking video benchmark database

People: Martin Jagersand

Tracking human manipulation tasks is challenging. This benchmark contains 100 videos of ordinary human manipulation tasks (pouring cereal, drinking coffee, moving and reading rigid books and flexible letters etc). The videos are categorized w.r.t. task difficulty, speed of motion and light conditions...

Wavelet light basis

People: Cameron Upright; Dana CobzasMartin Jagersand

A wavelet based light representation used for representing and capturing light...

Range intensity registration

People: Dana CobzasHong ZhangMartin Jagersand

A novel image-based algorithm for registering camera intesity data with range data from a laser rangefinder...

Modeling with dynamic texture

People: Martin JagersandDana Cobzas; Keith Yerex; Neil Birkbeck

Inaccuracies in a coarse geometry obtained using structure-from-motion is compensated by an image-based correction - dynamic texture..

Variational Shape and Reflectance Estimation

People: Neil Birkbeck; Dana Cobzas; Peter Sturm; Martin Jagersand

Variational method implemented as a PDE-driven surface evolution interleaved with reflectance estimation...

3D SSD Tracking

People: Martin JagersandDana Cobzas; Peter Sturm

3D SSD tracking A 3D consistent model is imposed to all tracked SSD regions, thus supporting direct tracking of camera position...

An image-based capture system

People: Keith Yerex; Neil Birkbeck; Cleo Espiritu; Cam Upright; Adam Rachmielowski; Dana CobzasMartin Jagersand

A quick and easy to use image-based modeling system for the acquisition of both 3D geometry and visual appearance of real world objects...

On-line tracking and modeling

People: Adam Rachmielowski; Neil BirkbeckMartin JagersandDana Cobzas

On-line 3D reconstruction from tracked feature points...

Tumor growth prediction

People: Dana Cobzas; Parisa Mosayebi; Albert MurthaMartin Jagersand

Predicting tumor invasion margin using a geodesic distance defined on the Riemannian manifold of white fibers...

Semi-automatic segmentation software

People: Neil Birkbeck; Dana CobzasMartin JagersandAlbert Murtha; Tibor Kesztyues, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany

A semi-automatic software for medical image segmentation...See also project description on Neil's webpage

FEM for fast image registration

People: Karteek Popuri; Dana CobzasMartin Jagersand

A finite element implementation for the diffusion-based non-rigid registration algorithm...

A continuous formulation of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs)

People: Dana Cobzas,University of Alberta Mark Schmidt,UBC

A variational formulation for a discriminative model in image segmentation...

Brain Tumor Segmentation

People: Dana Cobzas;  Karteek Popuri; Neil Birkbeck; Mark SchmidtMartin JagersandAlbert Murtha

A variational segmentation method applied to a high-dimensional feature set computed from the MRI...

Muscle and fat segmentation

People: Howard Chung; Dana Cobzas; Jessica Lieffers, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science; Laura Birdsell, Oncology; Vickie Baracos, Oncology

Muscle and adipose tissue segmentation in CT images based on a deformable shape...

RW for deformable image registration

People: Dana CobzasAbhishek Sen

A discrete registration method based on the random walker algorithm...