Jagersand, Martin

Research Associate

Cobzas, Dana


Dehghan, Masood

PhD Students

Siam, Mennatullah
Tang, Min
Feng, Rong
Qin, Xuebin
Zhang, Zichen(Vincent)
Jin, Jun

MSc Students

He, Shida

Undergraduate Students

Petrich, Laura
Jiang, Chen
Lu, Steven
Stephens, Connor
Grana, Rafaella

Visiting Students

Plop, Daniel-Theodor
Wells, Eric

Visiting Scholars

Xu, Guozheng


Leonard, Simon. Now Assistant Research Professor at JHU
Birkbeck, Neil. Now Software Engineer at Google.
Farahmand, Amir-massoud. Now Faculty Member at Vector Institute, Toronto.
Shademan, Azad. Now Senior Robotics Software Engineer at Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Popuri, Karteek. Now post-doc at Simon-Fraser University
Lovi, David
Hernandez-Herdocia, Alejandro (Alex). Now Senior Robotics Engineer. A&K robotics, Vancouver.
Gridseth, Mona. Now Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto.
Ramirez, Oscar. Now Software Engineer at Google Brain, Mountain View.
Perez, Camilo
Valipour, Sepehr

Mosayebi, Parisa. Now with Advanced Process Automation Technologies
Upright, Cameron
Shahamiri, Masoud. Now with Datagardens Inc.
Deng, Zhen. Now with Matricon
Espiritu, Cleo. Now with Silvacom
Jackson, Joel. Now with M-Tech Information Technology.
Smith, Chris. Startup
Yerex, Keith. Now with Bioware.
Tatsambon, Romeo. Now with Willowglen Systems Inc.
Vizilaios, Nikos I.

Photo Wall

Vincent pouring champagne

Our robot working on a pumpkin

Field trip!

Everyone helps in IROS2017 demo

Masood's TV interview

Jun and Masood explaining to Oussama

Neil making cake

Dana "helps"

The result

At the Symphony in Hawrelak park. Azad, Amir, Martin, Dana, Mina

Demo at ECCV'06 in Austria. Neil, Dana

Neil and Martin picknicking in Austria

Dana climbing in

Canmore Keith skating

Simon on the ski slope

Martin hiking the Brazeau circuit, Jasper NP

Camping in Banff National Park