Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group

Computing Science, University of Alberta


Our research group performs research in several areas of computer vision, robotics and medical imaging. In computer vision, we design methods for dynamic vision (tracking, visual servoing, on-line 3D modeling from images, dynamic textures). In medical imaging, we look at applications of variational methods and PDEs for various tasks like segmentation, registration, tumor growth prediction on MRI and DTI (tensor) data.

In robotics, we design and build vision-based software for autonomous and semi-autonomous control of manipulators and mobile manipulators. We focus on applications for unstructured environments.

Group meetings:

Vision and Robotics: Wednesdays 12pm, CSC 3-49 [reading group] (every other week)

Medical Imaging: Thursdays 3pm, CSC 3-49 [reading group] (every other week)

Computer Vision

Medical imaging


Latest News

  • Open position: PostDoc and Ph.D./Master's positions available in robotics and computer vision. Contact the lab director. More info here.

  • MSc thesis: David Lovi will defend his Master's thesis on Sep. 21, 2011. All the best!

  • New PhD student: Camilo Perez joins us from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia to pursue his studies in robotics. Welcome to Edmonton and good luck with your studies, Camilo!

  • New PostDoc: Romeo Tatsambon has joined us from France to work on vision-based control, visual supervisory control, UAV control, and more! Welcome aboard!

  • New summer RA: Travis Dick has joined us to research and implement visual tracking algorithms. Happy coding!
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