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SmartGame Library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
mainpage.cpp [code]
SgArray.h [code]Static array
SgBlackWhite.h [code]Color of player in two-player games (black/white)
SgBoardColor.h [code]State of a point on the board for games with Black, White, Empty states
SgBoardConst.cpp [code]See SgBoardConst.h
SgBoardConst.h [code]Constant data for a given board size
SgBookBuilder.cpp [code]
SgBookBuilder.h [code]
SgBWArray.h [code]Arrays indexed by color
SgBWSet.h [code]Pair of SgPointSet for Black and White
SgCmdLineOpt.cpp [code]See SgCmdLineOpt.h
SgCmdLineOpt.h [code]Parser for command line options
SgConnCompIterator.cpp [code]
SgConnCompIterator.h [code]Classes ConnCompIterator and ConnComp8Iterator
SgDebug.cpp [code]See SgDebug.h
SgDebug.h [code]Logging stream
SgEBWArray.h [code]Arrays indexed by color
SgEvaluatedMoves.cpp [code]See SgEvaluatedMoves.h
SgEvaluatedMoves.h [code]Data structure for keeping move values
SgException.cpp [code]See SgException.h
SgException.h [code]Base class for exceptions
SgFastLog.cpp [code]
SgFastLog.h [code]Fast logarithm
SgGameReader.cpp [code]
SgGameReader.h [code]
SgGameWriter.cpp [code]
SgGameWriter.h [code]
SgGtpClient.cpp [code]See SgGtpClient.h
SgGtpClient.h [code]
SgGtpCommands.cpp [code]See SgGtpCommands.h
SgGtpCommands.h [code]General utility GTP commands
SgGtpUtil.cpp [code]
SgGtpUtil.h [code]Utility functions
SgHash.h [code]Hash codes and Zobrist tables
SgHashTable.h [code]Hash table
SgIncrementalStack.cpp [code]See SgIncrementalStack.h
SgIncrementalStack.h [code]Incremental Update Stack for fast undo during search
SgInit.cpp [code]See SgInit.h
SgInit.h [code]Initialization of the SmartGo module
SgMarker.h [code]Class SgMarker
SgMath.h [code]Math utility functions
SgMemCheck.cpp [code]See SgMemCheck.h
SgMemCheck.h [code]Memory leak checks
SgMiaiMap.cpp [code]See SgMiaiMap.h
SgMiaiMap.h [code]Efficient implementation of a consistent (not broken) SgMiaiStrategy
SgMiaiStrategy.cpp [code]See SgMiaiStrategy.h
SgMiaiStrategy.h [code]Simple strategy for winning a specified goal using paired moves
SgMove.h [code]Definitions for game-independent moves
SgMpiSynchronizer.cpp [code]
SgMpiSynchronizer.h [code]
SgNbIterator.cpp [code]
SgNbIterator.h [code]Neighbor point iterators
SgNode.cpp [code]See SgNode.h
SgNode.h [code]Trees of nodes with properties
SgNodeUtil.cpp [code]See SgNodeUtil.h
SgNodeUtil.h [code]
sgnotes.cpp [code]
SgPoint.cpp [code]See SgPoint.h
SgPoint.h [code]Definitions of points on the board
SgPointArray.h [code]Array indexed by points
SgPointIterator.h [code]Class SgPointIterator
SgPointSet.cpp [code]
SgPointSet.h [code]Sets of points on the board
SgPointSetUtil.cpp [code]See SgPointSetUtil.h
SgPointSetUtil.h [code]Utility functions for SgPointSet
SgProbCut.cpp [code]See SgProbCut.h
SgProbCut.h [code]Implementation of Buro's Multi-ProbCut method for use with SgSearch
SgProcess.cpp [code]See SgProcess.h
SgProcess.h [code]
SgProp.cpp [code]See SgProp.h
SgProp.h [code]Properties for nodes in a game tree
SgRandom.cpp [code]See SgRandom.h
SgRandom.h [code]Random numbers
SgRect.cpp [code]See SgRect.h
SgRect.h [code]Rectangle on the Go board
SgRestorer.h [code]Change and restore stack-based variables
SgSearch.cpp [code]See SgSearch.h
SgSearch.h [code]Search engine
SgSearchControl.cpp [code]
SgSearchControl.h [code]Search control for searchengine
SgSearchStatistics.cpp [code]
SgSearchStatistics.h [code]Search statistics
SgSearchTracer.cpp [code]See SgSearchTracer.h
SgSearchTracer.h [code]Trace search for SgSearch
SgSearchValue.cpp [code]See SgSearchValue.h
SgSearchValue.h [code]Scalar values used in search tasks derived from class SgSearch
SgSList.h [code]Static list
SgSortedArray.h [code]Sorted array
SgSortedMoves.h [code]Sorted table of moves
SgStack.h [code]Stack class
SgStatistics.h [code]Classes for incremental computation of statistical properties
SgStrategy.cpp [code]See SgStrategy.h
SgStrategy.h [code]SgStrategy is a strategy for winning a specified goal
SgStringUtil.cpp [code]See SgStringUtil.h
SgStringUtil.h [code]
SgSystem.cpp [code]See SgSystem.h
SgSystem.h [code]System specific definitions for SmartGo
SgThreadedWorker.h [code]
SgTime.cpp [code]See SgTime.h
SgTime.h [code]Time measurement
SgTimeControl.cpp [code]See SgTimeControl.h
SgTimeControl.h [code]
SgTimer.h [code]Class SgTimer
SgTimeRecord.cpp [code]See SgTimeRecord.h
SgTimeRecord.h [code]Time management
SgUctSearch.cpp [code]
SgUctSearch.h [code]Class SgUctSearch and helper classes
SgUctTree.cpp [code]See SgUctTree.h
SgUctTree.h [code]Class SgUctTree and strongly related classes
SgUctTreeUtil.cpp [code]
SgUctTreeUtil.h [code]Utility functions for users of SgUctSearch.h
SgUtil.cpp [code]See SgUtil.h
SgUtil.h [code]Small utility functions
SgVector.h [code]Std::vector-based replacement for previous SgList class
SgVectorUtility.cpp [code]See SgVectorUtility.h
SgVectorUtility.h [code]SgVector utility classes
SgWrite.cpp [code]See SgWrite.h
SgWrite.h [code]Utility write functions for SmartGo data types

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