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SmartGame Library Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SgPointUtil::PointToColLookup table internally used by SgPointUtil::Col()
SgPointUtil::PointToRowLookup table internally used by SgPointUtil::Row()
SgArray< T, SIZE >Static array
SgArray< T, SIZE >::IteratorLocal const iterator
SgArray< T, SIZE >::NonConstIteratorLocal non-const iterator
SgArrayAssign< T, SIZE >Helper class to allow partial specialization of SgArray::operator=
SgArrayAssign< bool, SIZE >
SgArrayAssign< int, SIZE >
SgArrayAssign< T *, SIZE >
SgAssertionHandlerAdditional code to run in debug mode after an assertion failed
SgAssertRestored< T >Saves the current state of a variable of type T and asserts that the saved value equals the value upon leaving the scope
SgBalancerUtility class to assure balance between black and white plays
SgBoardConstConstant data for a given board size for games with square boards
SgBookBuilderBase class for automated book building
SgBookNodeState in the Opening Book
SgBWArray< T >An array of two values of type T, indexed by SG_BLACK and SG_WHITE
SgBWIteratorIterator over both colors, Black and White
SgBWSetPair of SgPointSet's indexed by color SG_BLACK, SG_WHITE
SgCmdLineOptParser for command line options
SgCombinedSearchControlAbort when either time or node limit is reached
SgConnComp8IteratorIterate through all 8-connected components of a given set
SgConnCompIteratorIterate through all connected components of a given set
SgCornerIteratorIterate through all four corner point of the given board
SgDebugToNewFileTemporarily redirect IO to file for lifetime of this object
SgDebugToStringTemporarily redirect IO to a string buffer for lifetime of this object
SgDefaultTimeControlTime management
SgEBWArray< T >An array of three values of type T, indexed by SG_EMPTY, SG_BLACK and SG_WHITE
SgEBWIteratorIterator over three colors, Empty, Black and White
SgEvaluatedMovesSimple data structure keeps a best move value and a list of all moves with that value
SgEvaluatedMovesArraySimple data structure keeps an integer value for each point on a board
SgExceptionBase class for exceptions
SgFastLogFast logarithm
SgGameReaderRead file with SGF data
SgGameWriterWrite file with SGF data
SgGtpClientClient connection to an external GTP engine
SgGtpCommandsGeneral utility GTP commands
SgGtpFailureError thrown by SgGtpClient::Send() if command fails or connection is broken
SgHash< N >N-bit hash codes
SgHashEntry< DATA >Entry in a HashTable: code and data
SgHashTable< DATA >HashTable implements an array of DATA
SgHashZobrist< N >Provides random hash codes for Zobrist hashing
SgHistogram< VALUE, COUNT >Histogram
SgIncrementalStackIncremental Update Stack for fast undo during search
SgIncrementalStack::IntOrPtrEntry for SgIncrementalStack
SgKillerUsed in class SgSearch to implement killer heuristic
SgLineIteratorIterate through all points on a specific line on the given board
SgMarkerUsed to mark points on the board
SgMiaiMapEfficient implementation of a SgMiaiStrategy
SgMiaiStrategyPair of moves strategy - if opponent plays one we must play other
SgMoveInfoUsed for node creation
SgMpiNullSynchronizerSynchronizer with empty implementation
SgMpiSynchronizerInterface for mpi synchronizers
SgNb4DiagIteratorIterator over all 4 diagonal neighbor points
SgNb4IteratorIterator over all 4 neighbor points
SgNb4Iterator::PrecompPrecomputed neighbors
SgNb8IteratorIterator over all 8 neighbor points
SgNbIteratorIterate over all on-board neighbor points
SgNodeNode in tree
SgNodeConstIteratorIterator for iterating through all nodes in subtree
SgNodeIteratorIterator for iterating through all nodes in subtree
SgNodeSearchControlExample of a simple search abort class: abort when node limit is reached
SgObjectWithDefaultTimeControlAbstract interface for players (or other objects) that own an instance of SgDefaultTimeControl
SgPointArray< T >An array of SG_MAXPOINT values of type T, indexed by SgPoint
SgPointIteratorIterate through an array of points terminated by END_POINT (defined to be zero for performance)
SgPointRangeIteratorIterate through an array of points with the range defined by pointers
SgPointSetSet of points
SgPointSet::PrecompAllPointsPrecomputed point sets with all points depending on board size
SgProcessRun a child process and provide access to its standard input and output streams
SgPropProperty base class
SgPropAddStoneA property storing a list of stones to add to the board, or points to make empty
SgPropIntA property with integer value
SgPropListProperty list
SgPropListIteratorIterate through Properties in a PropList
SgPropMoveA property storing a point-move for games
SgPropMSecLike SgPropTime, but gets stored with millisecond precision rather than tenths of a second
SgPropMultipleMultiple property
SgPropPlayerA property storing a player color (Black or White)
SgPropPointListA property storing a list of points
SgPropRealA property with a double value
SgPropSimpleA property with no associated value
SgPropTextA property storing a text string
SgPropTextListKeeps a string for each point in a set of points
SgPropTimeA property with time value
SgPropUnknownUnknown property
SgPropValueLike SgPropInt but can change sign for opponent's value
SgRandomRandom number generator
SgReadPointRead point
SgReadPointSetRead all points in set
SgRectRectangle on the Go board
SgRectIteratorIterator for rectangle on the Go board, based on SgRect object
SgRelaxedSearchControlAbort when time limit is reached AND a number of nodes were searched
SgReserveMarkerDeclare a variable of this class on the stack to reserve a board marker
SgRestorer< T >A SgRestorer<T> variable saves the current state of a variable of type T and restores it to that saved value upon leaving the scope in an exception-safe way
SgSearchAlpha-beta search
SgSearchControlResource control used in class SgSearch
SgSearchHashDataHash data used in class SgSearch
SgSearchStatisticsStatistics used in class SgSearch
SgSearchTracerTraces a search
SgSearchValueValue used in search tasks derived from class SgSearch
SgSetIteratorIterator to iterate through 'set'
SgSideIteratorIterate through the two directions along the sides for the given point
SgSimpleSetPoint set efficient for marking and testing
SgSList< T, SIZE >Static list not using dynamic memory allocation
SgSList< T, SIZE >::IteratorConst iterator
SgSList< T, SIZE >::NonConstIteratorNon-const iterator
SgSonNodeConstIteratorIterator for iterating through all the sons of a Node
SgSonNodeIteratorIterator for iterating through all the sons of a SgNode
SgSortedArray< T, K, size >Sorted array
SgSortedMoves< MOVE, VALUE, SIZE >Small array with moves sorted by their value
SgStack< T, SIZE >Stack with up to size objects of class T
SgStatistics< VALUE, COUNT >Computes mean and variance of a statistical variable
SgStatisticsBase< VALUE, COUNT >Computes mean of a statistical variable
SgStatisticsCollection< VALUE, COUNT >Set of named statistical variables
SgStatisticsExt< VALUE, COUNT >Extended version of SgStatistics
SgStrategyStrategy for achieving a certain goal
SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >
SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >::ThreadCopyable object run in a boost::thread
SgTimeControlBasic interface for all time managers
SgTimeRecordA time record contains time-related information
SgTimeSearchControlExample of a simple search abort class: abort when time has expired
SgUctAllocatorAllocater for nodes used in the implementation of SgUctTree
SgUctChildIteratorIterator over all children of a node
SgUctEarlyAbortParamOptional parameters to SgUctSearch::Search() to allow early aborts
SgUctGameInfoGame result, sequence and nodes of one Monte-Carlo game in SgUctSearch
SgUctNodeNode used in SgUctTree
SgUctSearchMonte Carlo tree search using UCT
SgUctSearch::Thread::FunctionCopyable function object that invokes Thread::operator()
SgUctSearchStatStatistics of the last search performed by SgUctSearch
SgUctThreadStateBase class for the thread state
SgUctThreadStateFactoryCreate game specific thread state
SgUctTreeTree used in SgUctSearch
SgUctTreeIteratorIterator for traversing a tree depth-first
SgUctTreeStatisticsStatistical properties of a SgUctTree
SgVector< T >
SgVectorIterator< T >Vector iterator
SgVectorIteratorOf< T >Iterator for VectorOf<T> typed vector of pointers to T
SgVectorOf< T >Typed vector of pointers to T
SgVectorPairIterator< T >Iterator to iterate through all possible pairs of vector elements
SgVectorPairIteratorOf< T >Iterator for all possible pairs of ListOf<T> elements Each pair is returned exactly once, i.e
SgWriteBoolAsIntWrites boolean as 0/1
SgWriteBooleanOnly writes "not" if value is false
SgWriteLabelWrite left aligned text with a minimum width of 15 characters
SgWriteLineWrite line of dashes
SgWriteMoveWrite player color and move for games in which a move is a SgPoint
SgWritePointWrite point
SgWritePointArray< T >Write a point array
SgWritePointArrayFloat< FLOAT >Write a float point array
SgWritePointListWrite all points in list
SgWritePointSetWrite all points in set
SgWritePointSetIDWrite center point and size of set
SgWriteSPointList< SIZE >Output a SgSList with SgPoint elements to a stream

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