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SgMarker Class Reference

#include <SgMarker.h>

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Detailed Description

Used to mark points on the board.

Like SgPointSet but uses more memory and is faster at marking and clearing all marks.

Definition at line 20 of file SgMarker.h.

Public Member Functions

 SgMarker ()
void Include (SgPoint p)
bool Contains (SgPoint p) const
bool NewMark (SgPoint p)
 Mark a point and return true if it was not already marked.
void Clear ()
void GetPoints (SgPointSet *points) const

Private Member Functions

void Init ()
 SgMarker (const SgMarker &)
 Not implemented.
SgMarkeroperator= (const SgMarker &)
 Not implemented.

Private Attributes

int m_thisMark
 Current marker number.
SgArray< int, SG_MAXPOINTm_mark
 Marked points.
bool m_markerInUse
 See ReserveBoardMarker.


class SgReserveMarker

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SgMarker::SgMarker (  ) 

Definition at line 59 of file SgMarker.h.

References Init().

SgMarker::SgMarker ( const SgMarker  )  [private]

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

void SgMarker::Clear (  ) 

Definition at line 67 of file SgMarker.h.

References Init(), and m_thisMark.

bool SgMarker::Contains ( SgPoint  p  )  const

Definition at line 73 of file SgMarker.h.

References m_mark, and m_thisMark.

Referenced by GetPoints(), and NewMark().

void SgMarker::GetPoints ( SgPointSet points  )  const

Definition at line 78 of file SgMarker.h.

References SgPointSet::Clear(), Contains(), SgPointSet::Include(), and SG_MAXPOINT.

void SgMarker::Include ( SgPoint  p  ) 

Definition at line 86 of file SgMarker.h.

References m_mark, m_thisMark, and SG_ASSERT_BOARDRANGE.

Referenced by NewMark().

void SgMarker::Init (  )  [private]

Definition at line 92 of file SgMarker.h.

References SgArray< T, SIZE >::Fill(), m_mark, and m_thisMark.

Referenced by Clear().

bool SgMarker::NewMark ( SgPoint  p  ) 

Mark a point and return true if it was not already marked.

Definition at line 98 of file SgMarker.h.

References Contains(), and Include().

SgMarker& SgMarker::operator= ( const SgMarker  )  [private]

Not implemented.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SgReserveMarker [friend]

Definition at line 49 of file SgMarker.h.

Member Data Documentation

SgArray<int,SG_MAXPOINT> SgMarker::m_mark [private]

Marked points.

Definition at line 43 of file SgMarker.h.

Referenced by Contains(), Include(), and Init().

bool SgMarker::m_markerInUse [private]

See ReserveBoardMarker.

Definition at line 47 of file SgMarker.h.

Referenced by SgReserveMarker::SgReserveMarker(), and SgReserveMarker::~SgReserveMarker().

int SgMarker::m_thisMark [private]

Current marker number.

Definition at line 40 of file SgMarker.h.

Referenced by Clear(), Contains(), Include(), and Init().

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