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SgGtpFailure Class Reference

#include <SgGtpClient.h>

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Detailed Description

Error thrown by SgGtpClient::Send() if command fails or connection is broken.

Definition at line 17 of file SgGtpClient.h.

Public Member Functions

 SgGtpFailure (const std::string &message)
const char * what () const throw ()
 Implementation of std::exception::what().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SgGtpFailure::SgGtpFailure ( const std::string &  message  ) 


message The failure response of the command or other error message.

Definition at line 17 of file SgGtpClient.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const char * SgException::what (  )  const throw () [inherited]

Implementation of std::exception::what().

Definition at line 27 of file SgException.cpp.

References SgException::m_message.

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