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SgTime.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Time measurement.

Definition in file SgTime.h.

#include <string>

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namespace  SgTime


enum  SgTimeMode { SG_TIME_CPU, SG_TIME_REAL }
 Time measurement mode used in SgTime. More...


string SgTime::Format (double time, bool minsAndSecs=true)
 Format time as MM:SS.
double SgTime::Get ()
 Get time using the default mode.
double SgTime::Get (SgTimeMode mode)
 Get time using explicit mode.
SgTimeMode SgTime::DefaultMode ()
 Return current default time mode.
void SgTime::SetDefaultMode (SgTimeMode mode)
 Set default time mode.
string SgTime::TodaysDate ()

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum SgTimeMode

Time measurement mode used in SgTime.

SG_TIME_CPU  Measure CPU-time.

Returns the CPU time of the current thread including child processes.

SG_TIME_REAL  Measure real time.

Definition at line 15 of file SgTime.h.

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