Zichen Zhang

Ph.D. Student at University of Alberta

Email: vincent.zhang at ualberta.ca
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About Me


Selected Projects and Publications

Reducing Selection Bias in Counterfactual Reasoning for Individual Treatment Effects Estimation [pdf]
Zichen Zhang, Qingfeng Lan, Lei Ding, Yue Wang, Negar Hassanpour, Russell Greiner.
Poster Spotlight @ NeurIPS 2019 CausalML Workshop.
U^2-Net: Going Deeper with Nested U-Structure for Salient Object Detection [pdf][code ]
Xuebin Qin, Zichen Zhang, Chenyang Huang, Masood Dehghan, Osmar R. Zaiane, Martin Jagersand, Pattern Recognition 2020.
BASNet: Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection [pdf][supp][code ]
Xuebin Qin, Zichen Zhang, Chenyang Huang, Chao Gao, Masood Dehghan, Martin Jagersand, CVPR 2019.
Online Tool and Task learning via Human Robot Interaction [pdf]
Masood Dehghan, Zichen Zhang, Mennatullah Siam, Jun Jin, Laura Petrich and Martin Jagersand, ICRA 2019.
* equal contribution
End-to-end detection-segmentation network with ROI convolution [code] [pdf]
Zichen Zhang, Min Tang, Dana Cobzas, Dornoosh Zonoobi, Martin Jagersand, Jacob L. Jaremko, ISBI 2018
Segmentation-by-Detection: A Cascade Network for Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation [pdf]
Min Tang, Zichen Zhang, Dana Cobzas, Martin Jagersand, Jacob L. Jaremko, ISBI 2018
A Deep Level Set Method for Image Segmentation [pdf]
Min Tang, Sepehr Valipour, Zichen Zhang, Dana Cobzas, Martin Jagersand, MICCAI workshop 2017
Semantic Segmentation using Dictionary Learning [Report] [Code]

We study the pipepline of semantic segmentation using dictionary learning. The algorithm is applied on MRI image for Multiple Sclerosis segmentation and aerial images for building segmentation. The empirical results show that preprocessing is substantially important for the pipeline and the performance can be bounded with improper preprocessing.

Uncalibrated Visual Servoing

We study uncalibrated visual servoing using a 4-DOF robotic arm: Barrett WAM. The target is specified on the images which is then directly used for inverse kinematics.

Grasp Planning of 3D Objects Using Genetic Algorithm [pdf]
Zichen Zhang , Jason Gu, Jun Luo, Industrial Electronics(ISIE), 2013