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M.Sc., Physics, Chalmers University, Sweden
M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Rochester,
Engineering Licenciate, Chalmers
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Rochester
PostDoc, Yale University

Research: Vision, Graphics


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Funding Thanks to: NSERC, CFI, ASRA, Precarn/IRIS, CSA, VPR, and several companies for cash and inkind contributions.
Lab Vision and Graphics: Several digital high frame rate cameras, Phoenix motion tracker, 3 wall CAVE, SGI and PC graphics workstations.
Robotics: WAM arm + Wrist, Barrett hand, two PUMA's, Dextrous hand, PTU's.


Note: For new and recent publications see our Research Project web pages
  1. Dana Cobzas and Martin Jagersand Tracking and Predictive Display for a Remote operated Robot using Uncalibrated Video ICRA 2005. (Best vision paper prize at conference)
  2. Simon Leonard and Martin Jagersand ``Learning the visuo-motor function'' ICRA 2005
  3. Keith Yerex, Martin Jagersand Displacement Mapping with Ray-casting in Hardware SIGGRAPH 2004 sketches and applications track.
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  32. Jagersand M. On-line Estimation of Visual-Motor Models for Robot Control and Visual Simulation PhD thesis, University of Rochester, 97.
  33. Jagersand M. Image Based View Synthesis of an Articulated Agent In Proc of CVPR '97, also TR 595, Computer Science, Univ. of Rochester.
    Previous image based (model free) synthesis has mostly been only from different viewing angles. Here we show how to also simulate the actions of an articulated agent.
  34. Jagersand M. Image Based Visual Simulation and Tele-Assisted Robot Control In IROS '97 Workshop Proc New Trends in Image Based Visual Servoing.
  35. Jagersand M. Fuentes O. Nelson R. Experimental Evaluation of Uncalibrated Visual Servoing for Precision Manipulation In Proc. of ICRA '97.
    Experimental results with adaptive visual servoing, establishing some low level properties important to visual space robot programming.
  36. Jagersand M. Fuentes O. Nelson R. Visual Servoing and Visual Space Programming In Video Proceedings of ICRA '97.
    Three minute video showing a PUMA robot and Utah/MIT hand
    1. Reach, pick up, insert and screw in an ordinary lightbulb using visual goals pointed out by the human (me). 320x240 preview mpeg
    2. Solve a shape sorter puzzle. (Only on full length ICRA proceedings video)
  37. Jagersand M. Fuentes O. Nelson R. Acquiring Visual-Motor Models for Precision Manipulation with Robot Hands In Proc of 4th European Conference on Computer Vision, 1996, p. 603-612.
    We use a combination of two techniques to achieve dextrous robot fine manipulation: the use of an approximate estimated motor model, based on the grasp tetrahedron acquired when grasping an object, and the use of visual feedback to achieve accurate fine manipulation.
  38. Jagersand M. Nelson R. On-line Estimation of Visual-Motor Models using Active Vision In Proc. ARPA Image Understanding Workshop 96. HTML version Also: pdf version
    We present a promising approach for combined visual model acqusition and agent control. The approach differs from previous work in that a full coupled Jacobian is estimated on-line without any prior models, or the introduction of special calibration movements. We show how the estimated models can be used for visual space robot task specification, planning and control. In the other direction the same type of models can be used for view synthesis.
  39. Jagersand M. Visual Servoing using Trust Region Methods and Estimation of the Full Coupled Visual-Motor Jacobian In IASTED Applications of Robotics and Control '96.
    A more detailed description of the low level visual servo controller, including the convergence enhancing restricted step and homotopy methods.
  40. Jagersand M. Saliency Maps and Attention Selection in Scale and Spatial Coordinates: An Information Theoretic Approach In Proc of 5th International Conference on Computer Vision, 1995, p. 195-202. HTML version
    Defines information in 3 DOF scale and spatial coordinate space of images, and derives an informartion infinitesimal, giving a pointwise information measure in this space, useful for attention selection.
  41. Kutulakos K. Jagersand M. Exploring objects by purposive invariant-based tangential viewpoint control In Proc. of IEEE Symp. on Computer Vision 95.
    How a special class of rotations can be used to learn about the shape of unknown objects.
  42. Jagersand M. Nelson R. Visual Space Task Specification, Planning and Control In Proc. of IEEE Int. Symp. on Computer Vision 95, p 521-526.
    A short description of higher level aspects of uncalibrated visual control. Many experiments solving complex manipulation tasks in unstuctured e nvironments.
  43. Jagersand M. Perception level learning, planning and robot control Area paper, Dept. of CS, University of Rochester May 1994, revised May 1995.
    Long version of most of the hand-eye work.
  44. Nelson R. Jagersand M. Fuentes O. Virtual Tools: A Framework for Simplifying Sensory-Motor Control in Complex Robotic Systems TR 576 CS Dept. University of Rochester 95, also short version in Workshop on Vision For Robots, IROS '95.
    How to deal with redundancy and complexity when doing real manipulation tasks in unstructured environments.
  45. Kutulakos K. Jagersand M. Exploring objects by purposive viewpoint control and invariant-based hand-eye coordination In Workshop on vision for robots IROS 1995.
    How to perform precisely controlled rotations using visual servoing on rotations defined in an affine image frame.
  46. Jagersand M. Nelson R. Adaptive Differential Visual Feedback for uncalibrated hand-eye coordination and motor control TR 579, U. of Rochester 1994. Also availible in html
    High degree of freedom (3, 6, 12, n) uncalibrated visual servoing with online estimation of the full coupled Jacobian.
  47. Jagersand M. A Scale Decomposed Information Measure in Images In ARPA Image Understanding Workshop 94.
    Information in scale space is defined as a successive Kullback contrast between scale levels. Numerous experiments on real images show that this reflects our intuitive idea of in what scale the image information is.


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