Postdocs and Graduate students in Vision and Robotics

We have openings for postdocs and graduate students to work on vision guided motion control, modeling from video and tele-robotics in the context of two projects.

One project is on semi-autonomous routines for tele-manipulation using a two-arm mobile manipulator. (Two WAM arms on a Segway mobile base; pictures are on our lab web pages). Research areas span from real-time vision and robotics to human factors. The application goal is to lessen the cognitive load on operators and improve performance in tele-operation with delays. The project is with the Canadian Space Agency, and three companies in the space area. Long term goal is more efficient robot utilization during space missions. Lab work involves staging of realistic space robotics tasks in the lab and space analogue environments. More information on space robotics project

Another project is on visual inspection using helicopter UAVs. Research areas include visual tracking and modeling, motion control and guidance. The application area is inspection of transmission lines in collaboration with a power utility.

PhD and MSc candidates need to both be selected for funding from one of the projects *and* be admitted into either the CS or ECE department. We are looking for motivated candidates with a strong background in areas such as the theory of computer vision, nonlinear control, physical modeling, dynamics, and applied mathematics. Hands-on skill in the area of unmanned robotics systems is desirable, eg. electronics, C/C++ programming, and mechanical aptitude. Students with backgrounds in the fields of ECE, CS, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Interested graduate student applicants need to apply through the CS depatment. See the application instructions linked below. After entering an application on the online Graduat Application Processing System (GAPS), please email. PDF candidates please email. Email address is on my home page.

Note: Graduate student application for Sept 2013 start is now closed. Applications for funded PhD or MSc positions starting Sept 2014 are due in Jan 2014. See the CS department web site and GAPS electronic application form.

Note2: The funded Post Docs are currently filled. If you have your own means of funding we accept visitors with relevant background. We can also help with applications for PDF scholarships.

If you are a student at UofA and wish to learn about and potentially join our projects email me and I can put you on our seminar and meetings mailing list.


Martin Jagersand