Joining our group

Interested in computer vision, graphics or robotics?
Particularly one of our ongoing projects? (see research web page links from my home page)
Or like to start a new related project? (see sample specifications )

Then feel free to contact us and join. For students (undergraduate or graduate) and postdocs more specific information is available below.

Note: I get lots of email from all over the world of the type: "My resume is attached. Do you have a position for me?". That does not work. You have to read our web pages and relevant research publication and motivate how and why your background will help in our projects and general area.

Prospective graduate students

Glad to hear that you are interested in applying to our dept. All applicants have to go through the department and university application procedure. See our www pages: If you think that my research projects matches your interests and talents you are welcome to list me as a potential advisor in the electronic application. I can then access your full electronic application. If you have done previous work directly related to our research projects you can write a detailed and well motivated email explaining what and how this fit in with our projects.
For Canadian permanent residents: NSERC PGS scholarship information.
  • Alberta Ingenuity: Open to the citizen of any country, Deadline usually in Dec or Jan.
    Some scholarships for Non-Canadian students


    If you are interested in computer vision, graphics or robotics and would like to study further beyond our regular courses it is possible to define an indpendent study course, (usually with a cmput499 number). These usually involve readings from textbooks and research papers, theoretical excercises and/or programming projects and writing up the results in a report as you go along. Topics for such courses have been for instance: dynamic image based texturing, robot motion planning and hardware accelerated visual hull computation.

    More on why studying graphics, vision and VR

    NSERC undergraduate summer stipends

    NSERC provides a very prestigeous stipend for undergraduate summer research with a faculty member. Application deadline is usually in mid January. The project would be on topics related to our research (see research pages), and here are some sample specifications: The NSERC stipends are quite competitive (about ten are typically awarded among our students). To apply read through the material provided by nserc and the department, make sure that you are eligible. Then email me with a short description of what you are interested in, and what your relevant qualifications are. In addition to NSERC there are other stipends, STEP and SCP to apply for later in the spring.

    Post docs or visiting researchers

    If you are interested in visiting as a researcher or postdoc and think there is an overlap in interests feel free to inquire. You may have your own funding or you can apply competitively for funded positions. Funding for postdocs can be from a particular project with an already defined research goal or through a post doc stipend application which gives more freedom to choose and define a project of interest. Possible stipends include: If you are interested in any of these you must contact us and start working on an application several months ahead of the deadline. The applications contain parts written both by the applicants and the receiving research group, so in practice we write it together. Most applications also go through a department review and ranking before being sent to a funding agency.