CMPUT 499: Web-Based Information Systems

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There are seven assignments scheduled.

Important Dates

 Start DateDue DateComments
Assignment 1Week 2Thursday January 24th, 2002, at 11:00 amSent by e-mail
Assignment 2Week 5Friday February 15, 2002Sent by e-mail
Assignment 3Week 7Monday March 4, 2002in lab
Assignment 4Week 8Monday March 18, 2002in lab
Assignment 5Week 8Monday March 25, 2002in lab

Assignments will count 21% of the overall grade (3% for asn1) + (4.5% for asn 2,3,4,5)

Class Presentations
There are 10 Presentations on different topics. Each presentation is done by three students.

Slides about the topics in Winter 2001 are here

Important Dates

 TopicslidesPresentersDue Date for reportPresentation date
i-modeLisevich, Kwan, HoangApril 4April 4
.NetLuong, Mah, TurnerApril 4April 2
web clippingjacobs, nathan, philipApril 4April 4
WMLThu, Lee, KondorApril 4April 4
PHP & XMLGallop, Stafford, McIntyreApril 4April 2
WAPHarvey, Cynthia, MarianneApril 4April 4
LiveConnectAndrusky, Gill, BodnarApril 4April 2
FlashBhasin, Ly, Van HerkApril 4April 4
JSPCruz, Moon, HesselsApril 4April 2
Struts frameworkBennett, Mio, LonsburyApril 4April 2
Topics presented last year (Winter 2001)
5Instant messaging
6Streaming Videos

Presentations will count 10% of the overall grade.


There is one term exam scheduled and an epilogue test. There is no final exam for this course

Important Dates

 Exam Date
Midterm examTusday February 26th, 2002
Epilogue testThursday April 11th, 2002

The Midterm and the epilogue test will count 15% of the overall grade each.


Important Dates

 Due date
Project reportApril 2nd, 2002
Project demoTBA

The term project will count 39% of the overall grade.

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