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Step 2 - SSH Keys and Agents

Adding SSH Keys Under Your User Account
Step 2 involves starting up SSH agents and adding keys to these agents to allow access to remote machines. Do not worry if you are not very familiar with SSH set up, most of it handled through the web GUI. (You will be required to generate your own SSH keys and ensure that they are in the appropriate authorized_keys file on remote systems.) To begin click on Step 2 in the left-hand menu of the web GUI. Then you will see the page displayed below.

To add a key for a remote system, you must select the user account you would like to add it to. Just select the username from the drop down menu labelled Username (see a) in the screenshot below). Then specify an SSH private key file by browsing your local directory (see b) in the screenshot below) and providing the passphrase for the private key (c) in the screenshot below). Both the key and passphrase are uploaded securely to the appliance. Below is the screen with the appropriate information filled in for the account frodo. Finally, push the Add Keys to Agent (see d) in the screenshot below) button.

An SSH agent will then be started for the specified user and the private will be loaded into the agent. This will then allow the user (in this case frodo) to securely connect to a user account on a remote machine that has the corresponding public key in its authorized_keys file. (You will specify the remote machines to connect to in Step 3).

Below is the confirmation page that an agent has been started and the specified key has been successfully loaded. The message indicating success is highlighted by the red box.

What if I want to use CIFS/SMB backend to bridge instead of SSH?
Since CIFS/SMB uses password authentication, there is no need to set up an SSH agent. The password for any remote Samba servers will be provided in Step 3 when you specify the remote server.

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