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Step 1 - Getting Started and Creating Users

Getting Started
To get started, you should have your Trellis NAS Bridge Appliance booted under VMware and will have set the root password and web GUI access password. Both passwords are set on the console.

The appliance will then print out the IP address of your appliance on the console as well.

Then connect to the GUI at https://<IP address from console> Notice the https

The main page of the TNBA GUI looks like this:

Step 1 involves creating user accounts on your Trellis NBA Appliance. User accounts on the appliance are used to connect your CIFS/SMB client to the appliance. The TNBA uses two kinds of usernames and passwords. The above username and password is for your TNBA account. The other kind of username and password is the username and password to a remote CIFS server. We'll use this kind of username and password in step 3.

Creating A User Account
To create a user account click on the Step 1 link on the left-hand menu of the WebGUI. (Illustrated by the letter a) in the screenshot below.)

You will be presented with the following page:

This page displays the current user accounts on the appliance. Above we see the demo account named trellis.

To add a new user click on the plus sign below the list of users (Illustrated by the letter b) in the screenshot above). (Groups can be added by clicking on the Groups tab).

The following page with then be displayed for you to provide all necessary information for the new user. In this case, we will add a new user named frodo with the information filled in below.

Once the information is filled in, click the Add User button and you will see the following page.

After clicking the Apply changes button, you will be returned to the user list. You now see the user frodo has been added to this list of users as part of the group elves and a message saying that the user has been successfully added.

You must confirm the addition to create the user by clicking the Apply Changes button.
What Can I Do With A User Account?
User account on the appliance will allow you to connect a Samba client to the appliance. User accounts are not able to login remotely (e.g. via SSH) with the exception of the root account. Users can login on the VMware console.

To proceed with bridging to be able to access remote machines, it is now time to start up SSH Agents and add SSH keys in Step 2. Click on Step 2 in the left hand menu on the web GUI.

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