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Some general publications on Go. For publications on specialized topics, please follow the links above.

M. Müller. Go-related research at the University of Alberta. In T. Ito and T. Nakamura, editors, The 9th Game Programming Workshop in Japan 2004, pages 22-23, Japan, 2004. IPSJ SIG-GI (Special Interest Group on Game Informatics). Extended abstract.

M. Müller. Computer Go. Artificial Intelligence, 134(1-2):145-179, 2002.

M. Müller. Review: Computer Go 1984 - 2000. In T. Marsland and I. Frank, editors, Computers and Games 2000, number 2063 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 426-435. Springer Verlag, 2001.

M. Müller. Computer Go: A research agenda. ICCA Journal, 22(2):104-112, 1999. A version of the 1998 Computers and Games paper adapted for readers with background in games other than Go.


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