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What is Explorer?

Explorer is a program that plays the game of Go. It is a veteran on the Computer Go scene: Anders Kierulf started implementing tactics for the Smart Go Board in 1984. In 1987/88 Ken Chen and Kierulf created the first version of Explorer. Since 1989, I have been the main developer.
Explorer's best result was to win the first Computer Games Olympiad in London 1989, ahead of nine other programs including Goliath and Go Intellect. It came second in the 1995 and 1996 North American Championships, and sixth in the 1995 International Computer Go Congress.
Explorer 3.3 should run on any 68k and PowerPC Mac. Intel Macs are not supported. The program uses Anders Kierulf's Smart Game Board, and is written in the Modula-2 language.

How to get Explorer?

Explorer 3.3 has been freeware since 2000 and is no longer maintained actively. It is still offered on a number of ever-changing freeware sites. Try searching for Explorer.sit.hqx or Explorer 3.3. Currently, all my development effort is for the new program Fuego.

Explorer Games

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Martin Müller