Computer Go Game Records

Game records are sorted by tournament. All available games from the same tournament are contained in a single SGF file. Such a file can be viewed directly by a program that supports game collections, such as Smart Go Board. If your Go viewer can only show the first game in a collection, you will have to split it into many small files containing one game each. Use any text editing program.

International Computer Go Congress


European Championship

North American Championship

Other Events

Computer Go Ladder, since 1994: See the ladder home page for links to game records.

Computer Olympiad

USENIX Tournament, 1984-1988

Misc. Tournaments

Human vs. Computer

Some interesting games with lots of handicap stones

Big Bear's Test Matches

Mr. Ohkuma stages short matches between Handtalk and some other programs:

Last modified: Feb 23, 2003

Martin Müller