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Todo List

Member SgBoardConst::Side (SgPoint p, int i) const

Member SgBoardConst::Up (SgPoint p) const
: the following seems weird, remove? Can also be a diagonal neighbor if no direct up-neighbor exists. If no up-neighbor exists at all, returns offset of 0.

Class SgEvaluatedMoves
Originally worked with any SgMove, but introduction of SgPointSet relevant now requires SgMove=SgPoint. Should be made independent of that again, otherwise, why not merge with SgEvaluatedMovesArray?

Class SgEvaluatedMovesArray
better name: SgEvaluatedPoints?

Member SgGameReader::WarningFlags
Some of these warnings should be errors.

Member SgNode::AddMoveProp (SgMove move, SgBlackWhite player)
Too game dependent for a member of SgNode, move somewhere else

Member SgNode::VectorProp (SgPropID prop) const
: distinguish SgVector<SgPoint>, SgVector<int> etc.

Class SgPropMultiple
AR: Make sure it's in range[1..2]. Should be deleted if it's 0.

AR: could do away with this after all, set flag instead?

Class SgSearch
Why does AmaSearch::Evaluate need the hash table, shouldn't that be done in SgSearch?

Remove m_depth, pass as argument to Evaluate instead

Use best-response as move ordering heuristic

Member SgTimer::IsTimeOut (double maxTime, std::size_t checkFreq=16)
The timeout functionality should be extracted to a separate class SgTimeout, which takes maxTime as constructor arguments.

Member SgTimeRecord::TurnClockOn (bool turnOn)
Set gUserAbort if the time is turned off, so that for example a search is aborted.

Member SgUctSearch::LogGames () const
File name still is hard-coded to "uctsearch.log"

Member SgVector::Insert (const T &elt)
made two separate functions for efficiency, should be a template taking a compare template arg. Same for Merge() below.

Member SgVector::UniqueElements () const
speed it up

Class SgVectorPairIterator< T >
use standard iterator format.

Class SgWriteMove
Move to SgPoint, merge class with SgWritePoint.

Member SgDebugToWindow
: Bad function name, uses std::cerr on Unix and std::cout on MAC

Member SgNodeUtil::UpdateTime (SgTimeRecord &time, const SgNode *node)
Initial time settings property TM is not handled, SgTimeRecord does presently not support main time (without a finite number of moves left)

File SgWrite.h
Write functions logically belong to the files of the classes they are outputting; should be moved.

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