cmput 670:game bots     winter 2016


An intro to game bots and solvers. The game used for illustration will be Hex, but the algorithms apply generally to 2-player games such as Go and chess. Prerequisite: an interest in algorithms and games. Objectives: understand strengths and weaknesses of current 2-player bots and solvers.

assignments and projects

competition report guidelines     study guide     a2     a1s     a1     projects


go     games     imperfect     puzzles     mcts     pns     elo

grading and policies
  • 20% assignments (Jan 18, Feb 1), late penalty 15%/d, max 2d

  • 20% midterm (Feb 10)

  • 20% dark Hex program (Mar 16 10% competition, 10% report)

  • 40% research project (Apr 6 15% content, 15% report, 10% earlier presentation)

  • A+95 A87 A-80 B+74 B70 B-65 C+60 C55 C-50 D+45 D40 F0

tentative schedule
week 1 ..    intro, overview, hex  other games, mcts
 2     ..    mcts, dark hex      game theory: 2player, nash eq
 3     ..    aphabeta, rex          proof number search