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Pathfinding Library Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PathFind::AStar< MARKER, CLOSED >A* search engine
PathFind::AStarClosedClosed list implementation using a list
PathFind::AStarClosedLookup< MARKER >Closed list implementation using lookup table
PathFind::AStarNodeNode used in implementation of AStar
PathFind::AStarNode::CompareFunction object for comparing nodes in the open queue
PathFind::AStarOpen< MARKER >Open queue for AStar
PathFind::EnvironmentInterface to search environment
PathFind::Environment::SuccessorInformation about a successor of a node in the environment
PathFind::ErrorBase class for exceptions
PathFind::FringeStatically allocated linked list used in FringeSearch
PathFind::Fringe::NodeNode used in Fringe
PathFind::FringeSearch< MARKER >IDA* like search keeping a list of the fringe nodes
PathFind::FringeSearch< MARKER >::CacheElementCache element for g-value used in FringeSearch
PathFind::Graph< NODEINFO, EDGEINFO >Graph with generic data attached to nodes and edges
PathFind::Graph< NODEINFO, EDGEINFO >::EdgeEdge in a graph with generic data attached
PathFind::Graph< NODEINFO, EDGEINFO >::NodeNode in a graph with generic data attached
PathFind::IDAStarIDA* search algorithm
PathFind::IDAStar::CacheNodeInformation for caching f-values
PathFind::LineReaderWrapper class around std::istream for reading line by line
PathFind::MarkerBoolVectorArray for marking node IDs
PathFind::MarkerFastClearArray for marking node IDs
PathFind::ReadErrorException thrown by LineReader
PathFind::SearchAbstract search engine
PathFind::SearchUtilsUtility operations for running searches
PathFind::StatisticsKeeps track of the mean and variance of a variable
PathFind::StatisticsCollectionSet of statistics variables
PathFind::TilingSearch environment implementing a regular grid
PathFind::TilingEdgeInfoGeneric edge data for Tiling::TilingGraph
PathFind::TilingNodeInfoGeneric node data for Tiling::TilingGraph

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