CMPUT 499: Web-Based Information Systems

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a user not registered in this course access protected pages?
A: The answer is yes for most protected pages. All students registered in the course and those sitting in have a user ID and a password to access these protected pages. A visitor can also access with user ID "guest" and password "guest". However, some information and applications are not available to user "guest". For instance, a guest can not see the students names or access their workspaces. The only enveiled student identity is the user ID. In addition a guest can not access the digital printable form of the textbook. A guest can participate in the discussions in the chat rooms.

Q: How do I print the on-line papers?
A: The papers for reading that are posted on our web site are actually hyperlinks to documents published on other sites, usually the authors' sites. These documents can either be in postscript format or in pdf (portable document format), and they can either be compressed with zip or gzip, or uncompressed. If the documents are compressed, you have to decompress them with pkzip or winzip on Windows based machines or gzip (GNUzip) on unix based machines. Once decompressed, pdf files can be viewed with Adobe Acroread, and postscript files can be viewed with Ghostview. Both of these viewers are available free from the Internet. From pdf or postscript viewers, you can print the documents. Postscript files can be sent directly to postscript printers.

Q: How do I know if a file is in postscript or pdf?
A: Postscript files usualy have the suffix ".ps" while pdf files have the suffix ".pdf". On this site we have icons to help identify file types: > for postscript and > for pdf. When a file is compressed, this icon > is used. Check the About page for the legend of other icons used in this site.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: You can change your password at anytime. To do so, click on "change password" on the course main page. The same password and user ID are used to access all protected pages in this course web site.

Q: How do I create my workspace?
A: You can create your own workspace for this course by clicking on "Workspaces" from the course main page. Once you get the list of students registered in the class, you can either visit students workspaces and the files they provide for sharing, or create/edit your own workspace by clicking on "Edit Workspace for...". You can also upload and manage files in your workspace by cliking on "Upload files in Work Space for...".

Q: Can other users edit and change my workspace?
A: No. You are the only one who can modify the content and look of your workspace. You are also the only one who can upload new files in your workspace or remove old ones. The system automatically recognises the identity of a user and allows only the owner to modify a workspace.

Q: Can I print the course slides?
A: Yes. The slides are provided in many formats. The HTML format is for viewing only. It is not practical to print slide by slide unless you want to spend the time to do so. A postscript file and a pdf file are provided as a pritable version of the slides. Slides are grouped by chapter. In other words, you can print slides one chapter at a time. Slides are printed 6 slides per page.

Q: What are the students resources?
A: Student Resources are Web resources submitted by students and added automatically to a list of resources that all users can consult. To submit a Web resource a student needs to provide a title, a URL and optional comments. The resources are ordered chronologically and the user IDs of the students who sent the references are appended to the information.

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