Bach's Movements Sorted by Instrument
  Movements with cornetto
  Movements with corno
  Movements with 2 corni
  Movements with corno da caccia
  Movements with 2 corni da caccia
  Movements with corno da tirarsi
  Movements with fagotto obligato
  Movements with flauto
  Movements with 2 flauti
  Movements with 3 flauti
  Movements with 2 flauti dolce
  Movements with 3 flauti dolce
  Movements with flauto piccolo
  Movements with flauto traverso
  Movements with 2 flauti traversi
  Movements with 3 flauti traversi
  Movements with liuto
  Movements with 2 liuti
  Movements with 2 litui
  Movements with oboe
  Movements with 2 oboi
  Movements with 3 oboi
  Movements with oboe d'amore
  Movements with 2 oboi d'amore
  Movements with 3 oboi d'amore
  Movements with oboe da caccia
  Movements with 2 oboi da caccia
  Movements with organo obligato
  Movements with tromba
  Movements with 2 trombe
  Movements with 3 trombe
  Movements with 4 trombe
  Movements with tromba da tirarsi
  Movements with trombone
  Movements with 3 tromboni
  Movements with viola d'amore
  Movements with viola da gamba
  Movements with violino piccolo
  Movements with violino solo
  Movements with 2 violini soli
  Movements with violoncello
  Movements with violoncello piccolo
  Movements with violone

Bach Cantata Page
Created by Walter F. Bischof