AIIDE 2020


Experimental AI in Games (EXAG) Workshop

The Experimental AI in Games (EXAG) workshop aims to foster experimentation in game AI research and all forms of game development. Beyond conventional oral paper presentations, we welcome a wide variety of presentation formats, including provocations, practitioner case studies, discussions of failed experiments, and live "show-and-tell" demos of new technologies related to AI in games. In the past, work presented at EXAG has covered practically all aspects of game AI, including generative methods, game-playing agents, intelligent design tools, formal logics for games, human-centered evaluations of game AI technologies, and more; this year, for the workshop's seventh installment, we aim to continue to expand our scope.
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Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT) Workshop

The Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT) workshop series aims to advance research in artificial intelligence for the computational understanding and expression of narrative. Recent years have witnessed significant advances in the technical, creative, and aesthetic interpretation of narratives with digital media, including games, simulations, interactive fiction, and electronic literature. Our goal is to contribute to this forward momentum by gathering a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners to share their latest work at the intersection of narrative and technology.
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Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games

The 2020 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games follows a successful series of AIIDE workshops that were held in response to the considerable interest in the subject and the limited time for reporting on the annual StarCraft competition in the main AIIDE conference. The goal of the workshop is to bring together AI researchers and game AI programmers from industry, who are interested in strategic game AI, to present and exchange ideas on the subject, and to discuss how academia and game companies can work together to improve the state-of-the-art in AI for games.
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