Appendix: The Computer Go Test Collection

Appendix of my Ph.D. thesis: Computer Go as a Sum of Local Games: An Application of Combinatorial Game Theory

Copyright Martin Müller, 1995

A wide variety of test problems have been collected, instrumented, and made available for the public as our Computer Go Test Collection. Version 1.0 of the Computer Go Test Collection can be retrieved here.

A.1 General Purpose Test Sets

These tests are suitable for all-round testing of a program. Most types of collections are available in several sizes, to make both fast and thorough tests possible.
 Computer 100 Positions   100 unrelated positions from Computer-Computer games
 Computer 1000 Positions  1000 unrelated positions from Computer-Computer games
 Pro 100 Positions        100 unrelated positions from professional games
 Pro 1000 Positions       1000 unrelated positions from professional games
 Pro 1 Game               A complete professional game
 Pro 10 Games             10 complete professional games
 IGS 138 Games            138 amateur Dan games played on the Internet Go Server
 IGS 31 Counted Games     The subset of 'IGS 138 Games' games that have been finished and scored
Professional and IGS games have been cleaned up by removing Pass plays at the end, and adjusting the final count when necessary.

A.2 Test Sets for Specific Features

These sets are designed to test a special theme or phase of the game. Collections for a theme contain both positive and negative instances: positions where following the theme leads to a good, or to a bad move. Collections on similar or orthogonal themes may overlap to some degree.
  Perfect Play 1          all problems from [BW], Appendix C.
  Node Rooms              all node rooms from [BW], p.71-76.
  Local Game 1            Situations for testing partition and local search
  Loose Ladders 1*        10 Loose Ladder problems from textbooks
  Graded Tactics 1*       Stone capturing problems from [Kano 85], Vol. 1
  Graded Tactics 2*       Stone capturing problems from [Kano 85], Vol. 2
  Graded Life&Death 1*    Life&Death problems from [Kano 85], Vol. 1
  Graded Life&Death 2*    Life&Death problems from [Kano 85], Vol. 2
  Tactics 1               Stone capturing problems from computer games
  Life&Death 1            Life&Death problems from computer games
  Cut&Connect 1           Cutting and connecting problems from computer games
  Ko 1                    Ko fights from computer games
  Territory 1             Securing and invading territory
  Endgame 1               Endgame problems from computer games
  Threats 1               Good and bad threats, from computer games
  Double Threats 1        Double threats from computer games
  Final 1                 Final stage moves, filling dame, defend etc.
  Blunder 1               Blunders from computer games


Files marked with a * are currently not included in the distribution because they are based on material from copyrighted books. The Nihon Kiin's Graded Go Problems for Beginners series [Kano 85] provides a thorough test of tactics and Life&Death. It contains many basic but interesting problems. Sources for further computer games are the program authors, tournament bulletins, and the Computer Go Ladder that was recently started on IGS [Pettersen 94].

A.3 Table of Full Board Endgame Problems

We show modifications of the 9x9 problems from [BW, Appendix C]. Problems C.1 and C.14 could be partitioned 'as is' and no modifications were made. C.20 is not really an endgame problem and is omitted here.

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