Board Games Research

Board Games Research, Summer 2015

Front row: Yunpeng Tang, Andrew Jacobsen, Chenjun Xiao.
Middle row: Jacob Ridgway, Kelly Li, Mohammad Ajallooeian, Kenny Young
Back row: Martin Müller, Ryan Hayward
Photographer: Britta Nielsen

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Board games research has a long and proud history at the University of Alberta, with pioneers such as Tony Marsland and Jonathan Schaeffer working on chess in the 1980's. With their co-workers and students, Jonathan Schaeffer and Michael Buro have made seminal contributions to other board games, solving checkers and reaching super-human strength in Othello.

Currently, Ryan Hayward's and Martin Müller's research groups are working on board games.

Beyond board games, much games-related research at the University of Alberta investigates card games such as poker and Skat, other games with incomplete information, and video games.

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