Open Poker Variance Analysis Tool (PVAT)

This is the source code for an open source poker value aseesment tool based on Morgan Kan's Always Call DIVAT.
The PVAT tool requires the PVAT codebase, a hand_strength function for comparing various strengths of poker hands and a preflop equity table.
Below you will find more information on the three parts needed to compile PVAT.

  1. The PVAT source code.
    This contains the algorithm for taking hand histories(See README for format) and converting them into space delimited data representing the PVAT numbers for the hands.

  2. The Handstrength Wrapper
    A wrapper to be used in conjunction with the Pokersource poker-eval library
    This is used to wrap the calls to the GNU licensed poker-eval hand_strength calls into code useable with our PVAT implementation. If you would like to write your own strength code, feel free. If you would just prefer to use poker-eval make sure you get version 1.36 (no guarantees about other versions) and slap it into thelibs folder in the open_pvat directory

  3. Preflop Pot Equity Table
    This is simple a table of precomputed preflop equities for all the possible hands.Warning: This file is 37Mb un-compressed
    Place this table in the open_pvat main directory.

Compiling and running information is in the README as well as information on the format needed for the hand histories.