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SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >, including all inherited members.

DoWork(const std::vector< I > &work, std::vector< std::pair< I, O > > &output)SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >
m_outputSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_outputMutexSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_quitSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_startWorkSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_threadsSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_workFinishedSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_workIndexSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_workMutexSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
m_workToDoSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
SgThreadedWorker(std::vector< W > &workers)SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >
StartDoingWork()SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
TellThreadsToQuit()SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
Thread classSgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [friend]
WaitForThreadsToFinish()SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W > [private]
~SgThreadedWorker()SgThreadedWorker< I, O, W >

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