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SgPropInt Member List

This is the complete list of members for SgPropInt, including all inherited members.

ChangeToOpponent()SgProp [virtual]
ContainsText(const std::string &findText)SgProp [virtual]
ConvertFindTextToPropID(const std::string &findText)SgProp [static]
CreateProperty(SgPropID id)SgProp [static]
Duplicate() const SgPropInt [virtual]
Fini()SgProp [static]
Flag(SgPropFlags flags) const SgProp
Flags() const SgProp [virtual]
FromString(const std::vector< std::string > &values, int boardSize, SgPropPointFmt fmt)SgPropInt [virtual]
GetIDOfLabel(const std::string &label)SgProp [static]
ID() const SgProp
Init()SgProp [static]
Initialized()SgProp [protected, static]
IsPlayer(SgBlackWhite player) const SgProp
IsValue(int value) const SgPropInt
Label() const SgProp [virtual]
m_idSgProp [protected]
m_valueSgPropInt [protected]
MatchesID(SgPropID id) const SgProp
OpponentProp(SgPropID id)SgProp [static]
Player() const SgProp
PlayerProp(SgPropID id, SgBlackWhite player)SgProp [static]
Register(SgProp *prop, const char *label, SgPropFlags flags=0)SgProp [static]
SetValue(int value)SgPropInt
SgProp(SgPropID id)SgProp [explicit]
SgPropInt(SgPropID id)SgPropInt [explicit]
SgPropInt(SgPropID id, int value)SgPropInt
ToString(std::vector< std::string > &values, int boardSize, SgPropPointFmt fmt, int fileFormat) const SgPropInt [virtual]
Value() const SgPropInt
~SgProp()SgProp [virtual]

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