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SgProbCut Member List

This is the complete list of members for SgProbCut, including all inherited members.

AddCutoff(const Cutoff &c)SgProbCut
GetCutoff(int deep, int index, Cutoff &cutoff)SgProbCut
GetThreshold() const SgProbCut
IsEnabled() const SgProbCut
m_cutoff_sizesSgProbCut [private]
m_cutoffsSgProbCut [private]
m_enabledSgProbCut [private]
m_thresholdSgProbCut [private]
MAX_PROBCUTSgProbCut [static]
ProbCut(SgSearch &search, int depth, int alpha, int beta, SgSearchStack &moveStack, bool *isExactValue, int *value)SgProbCut
SetEnabled(bool flag)SgProbCut
SetThreshold(float t)SgProbCut

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