Revised January 13, 2014

Refereed Publications - 2011

2011 NIPS R. Gibson, and D. Szafron, On Strategy Stitching in Large Extensive Form Multiplayer Games, Proceedings of Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Granada, Spain, December, 2011, 100-108. abstract or pdf.

2011 ACG Richard Zhao and Duane Szafron, Generating Believable Virtual Characters Using Behavior Capture and Hidden Markov Models, Proceedings of Advances in Computer Games 13 Conference (ACG 2011), Tillburg, Netherlands, November, 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7168, 342-353, 2012. abstract or abstract or pdf.

2009 AIIDE Behavior Architecture M. Church, E. Graves, J. Duncan, A. Lari, R. Miller, N. Desai, R. Zhao, M. Carbonaro, J. Schaeffer, N. Sturtevant, and D. Szafron, A Demonstration of ScriptEase II, Proceedings of the Seventh Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), Stanford, USA, October, 2011, 215-216. abstract or pdf.

2011 AAAI J. Hawkin, R. Holte and D. Szafron, Automated Action Abstraction of Imperfect Information Extensive-Form Games, Proceedings of Twenty-Fifth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'11), San Francisco, USA, August, 2011, 681-687. abstract or pdf.

2009 AIIDE Behavior Architecture N. Desai and D. Szafron, Descriptions - a viable choice for video game authors, Proceedings of the Sixth international Conference on Digital Games (FDG), Bordeau, France, June, 2011, 268-270. abstract or pdf.

2010 SBAC R. Sanchez, J. N. Amaral, D. Szafron, M. Pirvu and M. Stoodley, Using Machines to Learn Method-Specific Compilation Strategies, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization(CGO), Chamonix, France, April 2011, 223-230, abstract or pdf.