2009 AIIDE Behavior Architecture M. Cutumisu and D. Szafron, An Architecture for Game Behavior AI: Behavior Multi-Queues, Proceedings of the Fifth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), Stanford, USA, October, 2009, 20-27. abstract or pdf.

We describe an AI behavior architecture that supports responsive collaborative interruptible and resumable behaviors using behavior queues. This architecture wraps sets of behaviors into roles, which provide a simple efficient mechanism for encapsulating behaviors into components that can change dynamically, based on environmental criteria. To illustrate the viability of this architecture in a commercial setting, we implemented this architecture in BioWare Corp.ís Neverwinter Nights game. To demonstrate the usability of this architecture by game designers, we implemented a simple interface in ScriptEase, so that the architecture can be utilized with no coding skills.