1997er I. Goralwalla, D. Szafron, M. T. Özsu and R.J. Peters, Managing Schema Evolution using a Temporal Object Model, Conceptual Modeling - ER'97 - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, David Embley and Robert Goldstein (editors)., (Proc. 16th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling), Los Angeles USA, November, 1997, pp. 71-84. abstract or pdf.

The issues of schema evolution and temporal object models are generally considered to be orthogonal and are handled independently. This is unrealistic because to properly model applications that need incremental design and experimentation (such as CAD, software design process), the evolutionary histories of the schema objects should be traceable. In this paper we propose a method for managing schema changes by exploiting the functionality of a temporal object model. The result is a uniform treatment of schema evolution and temporal support for many object database management systems applications that require both.