1997ecoop W. Holst, and D. Szafron, A General Framework for Inheritance Management and Method Dispatch in Object-Oriented Languages, ECOOP'97 Object-Oriented Programming 11th European Conference, Finland, Lecture Notes in Computing Science 1241, Springer Verlag, June 1997, pp. 276-301. abstract or pdf.

This paper presents the DT Framework, a collection of object-oriented classes representing a generalized framework for inheritance managment and table-based method dispatch. It demonstrates how most existing table-based dispatch techniques can be generalized and made incremental so that relevant entries in the dispatch table are modified each time a selector or class heirarchy link is added or removed. The incremental nature makes the framework highly efficient with low millisecond average modification time, and supports table-based dispatch even in schema-evolving languages. During table maintenance, the framework detects and records inheritance conflicts, and maintains information useful during compile-time optimization.