1996iwmdbms J.Z. Li, M.T. Özsu, D. Szafron, Modeling of Video Spatial Relationships in an Objectbase Management System, International Workshop on Multimedia DBMS, Blue Mountain Lake, NY, August, 1996, pp. 124-133. abstract or pdf.

Video modeling has become a topic of increasing interest in the area of multimedia research. A key aspect in the video medium is spatial relationships. In this paper we propose a spatial representation, based on temporal interval algebra, for specifying the spatial semantics of video data. Based on such a representation, a set of comprehensive spatial relationships for salient objects is defined in supporting qualitative and quantitative spatial properties. Further, both topological and directional spatial relationships are captured within the proposed model. We present a novel way of incorporating the spatial model into a video model, and integrating the abstract video model into an objectbase management system which has rich multimedia temporal operations. The integrated video objectbase management system supports a broad range of spatial queries and is extensible, thus allowing easy incorporation of new features into the system. Our focus here is in supporting different types of spatial queries including direct, hybrid, complex, computational, and temporal spatial queries. The integrated model is further enhanced by a spatial inference engine. The powerful expressiveness of our video model is validated by many concrete query examples.