1993tools G. Lobe, D. Szafron and J. Schaeffer, The Object-Oriented Components of the Enterprise Parallel Programming Environment, TOOLS USA 93, August 1993, pp. 215-229. abstract or pdf.

The Enterprise programming environment supports the development of applications that run concurrently on a network of workstations. This paper describes the object-oriented components of Enterprise, implemented in Smalltalk-80, and their seamless integration with the procedural components, implemented in C. The object-oriented user-interface supports a new anthropomorphic model for parallel computation that eliminates much of the perceived complexity of parallel programs. The object-oriented animation component is a new animation architecture that supports synchronous and asynchronous events. This allows a user to view the dynamic interactions of the parallel components of a distributed application to simplify performance monitoring and debugging. The Enterprise experience highlights the strengths of object-oriented methodologies both for expressing user models and for implementing related components.