Supervised Graduate Students

Mi-Young Kim (Research Associate (since 2015): Information Extraction from Natural Language Text)
Colin Bellinger (Post-Doctoral Fellow (Since June 2016): Machine Learning)
Nawshad Farruque (PhD student (Since July 2016): Mental health Prediction from Text)
Hamman Samuel (PhD student (Since Sept. 2011): Health Informatics)
Amine Trabelsi (PhD student (Since Jan 2011): Sentiment Analysis)
Samuel Bushi (MSc student (Since September 2017): Emotional Ads bidding)
Nouha Dziri (MSc student (Since April 2017): Automatic Response Generation)
Chenyang Huang (MSc student (Since April 2017): Automatic Response Generation)
Reza Sobhannejad (MSc student (Since January 2017): Training Systems for Medical Students
Mohammad Motallebi (MSc student (Since January 2018): Explainable AI)
Tanvir Sajeb (MSc student (Since March 2018): Question-Answering agent)
Sheila Shoepp (MSc student (Since March 2018): Reinforcement Learning for adaptive machines)
Parnian Yousefi (MSc student (Since March 2018): Explainable Machine Learning for Health application)
Chi Zhang (MSc student (Since September 2016): Uncertain graphs mining)
Shiva Zamani Gharaghooshi (MSc student (Since September 2016): Social Network Analysis)
Mansour Saffar Mehrjardi (MSc student (Since September 2016): Data Mining for Industrial Equipment Management)
Mohammad Riazi (MSc student (Since September 2016): Equipment Failure Prediction)
Chang Liu (MSc student (Since September 2016): Social Network Analysis)
Esha (MSc student (Since Sept. 2015): Text Mining)

In Graduate Students' Supervisory Committe (current)

Yifeng Liu, PhD candidate (Specialization: Question-Answering System for Biomedicine)
Xiaomeng Wu, PhD candidate (Specialization: BioInformatics) since 2007
David Thue, PhD candidate (Specialization: Machine Learning) since 2007
Hoda Sepehri Rad, PhD candidate (Specialization: Database)
Davoud Moulavi, PhD candidate (Specialization: Machine Learning)
Mohsen Hajiloo, PhD candidate (Specialization: Machine Learning)
Rouzbeh Maani, PhD candidate (Specialization: Computer Graphics)
Katherine Chen, PhD candidate (Specialization: Machine Learning)
Mohammad Kassem Salameh, PhD candidate (Natural Language Processing)

Previous Visiting Scholars

Peng Cao From August 2011 to August 2013 (Visiting from Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China)
Kejia Zhang From September 2008 to August 2009 (Visiting from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China)
Mnawer Nulahmat From July 2002 to June 2003 (Visiting from Xinjiang University, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China)
Sílvio Cazella, From November 2003 to July 2004 (Visiting from University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil)

PHDs I Served on the Advisory/Supervisory/Examining Committee

Houman Abbasian (2014), Sajib Barua (2014), Hai Phan Nhat (2013), Hugo Alatrista-Salas (2013), Alireza Farahaninia (2013), Imen Brahmi (2012), Gregory Lee (2012), David Chodos (2012), Hossein Azari (2012), Gregory Leighton (2011), Hadi Sabaa (2011), Chonghai Wang (2011), Dino Ienco (2010), Florent Masseglia (2009), Elsa Loekito (2009), Chi-Hoon Lee (2009), Gabriella Moise (2008), Chedy Raissi (2008), Marc Plantevit (2008), Ahmed El Sayed (2008), Hongqin Fan (2007), Pei Sun (2007), Hellassege Amithalal Caldera (2007), Arnaud Soulet (2006), Doru Tanasa (2005), Xingzhi Sun (2005), Tong Zheng (2003), Pablo Figuera (2003), Mohamed Mamoud Fawzi El-Ramly (2003), Paul A. Ferry (2001)

Former PDFs

Nathaniel Rossol (Post-Doctoral Fellow: Multimedia) [2015]
Sajib Barua (Post-Doctoral Fellow: Spatial Data Mining) [2014]
Mi-Young Kim (Post-Doctoral Fellow: Information Extraction from Natural Language Text)

Former Supervised Students

Listed publications are only refereed publications published by my students with or without me under my supervision. Non refereed publications and posters are not mentioned.
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