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Report deadline - November 19, 1999
I have received some complaints about the deadline for the project reports and surveys December 3rd. It is argued that a common deadline for the reports, while demos and presentation are spread, is unfair.
I have revised the deadline as follows: I split the deadline into three deadlines: December 3rd (previous firm deadline), December 6th and December 8th (last day of class), and I spead the deadline in reverse chronological order of the demos or presentations.
The result is the following:
Report DeadlinePresentation DataProject
December 3rdDecember 13thSurvey: Web Usage Mining
December 3rdDecember 10thSurvey: Web Usage Mining
December 6thDecember 8thDemo: Awari Gane Database Mining
December 6thDecember 8thDemo: Clustering phonemes, words and phrases
December 6thDecember 8thDemo: Correlation of Drugs Used in Chronic Medical Conditions in Alberta Senior Citizens
December 6thDecember 8th Demo: Multi-level Association Rules
December 6thDecember 3rdSurvey: Content-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval
December 6thDecember 3rdDemo: Content-Based Image Querying
December 6thDecember 6thSurvey: KDD from unstructured and semistructured Data
December 8thDecember 1stDemo: Walking the Data Cube
December 8thDecember 1stDemo: Virtual Web Viewer
December 8thDecember 1stDemo: Classification Predictor
December 8thDecember 1stDemo: Pattern Discovery in Web Logs
December 8thNovember 29thDemo: Numerosity Reduction Tool
December 8thNovember 29thDemo: Classification Algorithms
December 8thNovember 29thDemo: Multi-level Association Rules
December 8thNovember 29thDemo: Association Rule test bed

Projects - November 15, 1999
The schedule for the project demos and the survey presentations is on-line under "activities". Remember the due date for the reports is December 3rd. Demos are 15 minutes while survey presentations are 50 minutes.

Assignment 1 - November 12, 1999
The grades for assignment 1 are on-line. Check the GradeBook. Members of a same group get the same grades.

Midterm - November 9, 1999
The midterm grades are on-line. Check the GradeBook. Bonus points will be added later.

New chapters - October 27, 1999
Chapters 7 and 8 of the textbook about classification and clustering are on line. Chapter 9 will not be on-line soon. We have covered Web Mining in chapter 9, while the textboox's chapter 9 will cover mining from complex data.

Due date for Assignment2 - October 25, 1999
Students have asked to change the deadline for the second assignment. After general consensus, the due date for Assignment 2 has been changed to November 5th.

ASSIGNMENT 2 - October 19, 1999
Assignment 2 is on-line. The due date is October 29th. Note that this assignment is NOT a group work.

Workspaces - September 28, 1999
The entry "Class mates" in the main menu is now called "Workspaces". This is to eliminate some confusion. The slides of the student presentations are in the respective students' workspaces.

Mailing List - September 28, 1999
A mailing list for cmput690 ( has been set up for your convenience. There are 23 users registered in this mailing list. You can use this mailing list to communicate course related messages (questions, comments, etc.)

ASSIGNMENT 1 - September 26, 1999
Assignment 1 is on-line. The due date is October 20th.

Postscript Textbook - September 20, 1999
The authors provided me with postscript versions of the textbook chapters. I generated new pdf files and made the new pdf files as well as the postscript files available. Hopefully, you won't have problems printing anymore.

Student workspaces - September 20, 1999
In the class-mates page, you can now create a personal workspace. In your workspace you can generate a page to describe yourself and present interesting web resources. Soon, you will be able to upload files to share, such as you presentation slides, your reports, etc.

Slides for Chapter1 - September 15, 1999
The 62 slides for chapter1, Introduction to data mining, are now on-line in pdf format as well as in a browsable HTML format. Check the course material folders.

Class survey - September 12, 1999
The class survey was put on-line in the class mates page. The page is protected. Since you do not have passwords yet, access as a guest with ID=guest and password=guest.

Course Notes folders - September 11, 1999
The course notes page has a dynamic tree of folders. If you open the top folder, you will discover a folder for each chapter in the course. I just put in the folder for chapter 1 the course notes as well as the slides used for the first class. Recommended readings were also added in this folder.

Slides for Course Organization - September 11, 1999
The slides presented during the first class about grading, schedule, projects etc. are on line on the home page and in course content page.

Course Notes for Chapter 1 - September 10, 1999
The course notes for chapter 1 "Introduction to Data Mining" are on line in HTML format as well as PDF and Postscript. Check the course content page

Course Textbook - August 27, 1999
I have received the permission from the authors and the publisher, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, to put the manuscript on reserve in our library. You will be advised when the manuscript will be available at the library.

Course Textbook - August 26, 1999
The textbook is not published yet. You will not be able to find it in the bookstore until the year 2000 . The advantage is that you do not have to buy a book for this course this semester. Eventhough, I highly recommend the book when it will be published, as it is a great data mining reference book for learners and developers.
I am currently seeking the permission from the authors, Dr. J. Han and M. Kamber, to put a draft of the book (not to be copied) on reserve in the library.

First Class - August 25, 1999
The first class will be September 10th. There is nothing to prepare. Just come and meet the other class mates. We will briefly talk about what we will learn together this term and and you will get a brief introduction to KDD.

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