Bischof, W. F. and Di Lollo, V. (1994). Maximum displacement (dmax) in compound bandpass-filtered images: A simple averaging rule. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 53, 127-134.

We assessed whether Bischof and Di Lollo's simple averaging rule (SAR) can be generalized to account for the maximum displacement at which directional motion can be seen in spectrally complex compound images (CCIs). One of the authors and 2 paid undergraduates observed bandpass filtered images differing in center frequency and orientation bandwidth. In Exp 1, Ss observed simple component images and indicated the direction of perceived motion. Bandwidth was varied between images. In Exp 2, Ss observed CCIs, constructed by summing pairs of the Exp 1 images, of various frequency components; thus, bandwidth varied within images. Findings concord with the SAR predictions. These outcomes place constraints on motion integration models.

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