Groner, R., Groner, M. T., Müller, P., Bischof, W. F., and Di Lollo, V. (1993). On the confounding effects of phosphor persistence in oscilloscopic displays. Vision Research, 33, 913-917.

We examined the confounding caused by phosphor persistence by assessing the effects of the persistence of 2 commonly used phosphors (P15 and P31) on performance of a temporal-integration task with 2 paid observers. In Exp 1, the visibility of phosphor persistence was eliminated by closing 2 mechanical shutters on display termination. In Exp 2, the duration of phosphor persistence was estimated by displaying the image behind closed shutters that opened on display termination. No detectable persistence was ever produced by P15 phosphor. By contrast, P31 phosphor produced persistence that lasted several hundred milliseconds. The earlier instances of confounding are ascribed to inadequate interpretation of the technical data on phosphor decay.

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