Anderson, N., Anderson, F., Kingstone, A., and Bischof, W. F. (2014). A Comparison of Scanpath Comparison Methods, Behavior Research Methods, DOI 10.3758/s13428-014-0550-3.

Interest has flourished in studying both the spatial and temporal aspects of eye movement behavior. This has sparked the development of a large number of new methods to compare scanpaths. In the present work, we present a detailed overview of common scanpath comparison measures. Each of these measures was developed to solve a specific problem, but quantifies different aspects of scanpath behavior and requires different data-processing techniques. To understand these differences, we applied each scanpath comparison method to data from an encoding and recognition experiment and compare their ability to reveal scanpath similarities within and between individuals looking at natural scenes. Results are discussed in terms of the unique aspects of scanpath behaviour that the different methods quantify. We conclude by making recommendations for choosing an appropriate scanpath comparison measure.

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