Mathematics meets Computer Vision ... and Visual Arts

The workshop participants will link PIMS/BIRS math centre with with the creative visual arts at the Banff centre's New Media Institute (BNMI). Workshop participants will pair up with artists, modelers and animators to explore and create artistic use for the mathematical methods.
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Schedule for the interaction sessions

Sun 19-20:30, Max Bell 251 Talks of interest to a wide Banff Centre audience (talk abstracts)
Gabriel Taubin, Brown U. "The digital capture and virtual exhibit of Michelangelo's Pieta"

"Photo-tourism Exploring photo collections in 3D"
Noah Snavely and Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research

Mon 16-18, Max Bell 251 Talks of special interest to New Media Artists (talk abstracts)
Neil Birkbeck, Adam Rachmielowski, U of Alberta
"Capture of 3D models from 2D photos using variational shape and reflectance estimation"

Jim Rehg: Georgia Tech, "Projector-Guided Painting"
Adrian Broadhurst, Vicon, Motion capture, the state of the art and new developments

Geert Caenen, KU Leuven An Internet application for 3D modeling from 2D photos

Mon 19-21, Max Bell 1st floor Demos related to New Media interaction talks


Posters (abstracts)
Tue 19-20:30 Meet after dinner in dining hall
Tour of Banff New Media institute, including their arts studios, multimedia room, immersive visualization "cave" etc.

Thu 9-12 AM Posters 2
Results of interaction: Artists/modelers will present what they produced by combining computer vision captured models, tracked video etc in their arts projects.
Second chance to see other posters as well.