Talk schedule and abstracts

Sun 8:30-10:20

Global optimization, large reconstruction problems

Sun 10:50-12

Multi-View Geometry

Sun 13:30-15


Sun 15:45-17:30

Reconstruction 1

Sun 19-20:30

Plenary talks/Banff centre interaction

Talks of interest to a wide Banff Centre audience
Mon 8:30-10:10

Variational methods

Mon 10:40-11:30

Reconstruction 2

Mon 14-15:30

Reconstruction 3

Mon 16-18

New Media Interaction Session 2

Mon 19-21

Demos related to New Media interaction talks

Max Bell 1st floor Demos related to interaction talks



Tue 8:30-10


Tue 10:30-12


Tue 13:30-15:15

Human Motion 1

Tue 15:45-17:20

Human Motion 2

Tue 19-20:30

Banff New Media Inst tour

Tour of Banff New Media institute, including their arts studios, multimedia room, immersive visualization "cave" etc.

Posters 2

Thu 9-12 AM Posters

Results of interaction: Artists/modelers will present what they produced by combining computer vision captured models, tracked video etc in their arts projects.

Second chance to see other posters as well.