Hunter on Ice
**~* Hunter on Ice
MaquinnaWelcome to Hunter on Ice, where we examine the traditional seal hunt that is essential to the lives of the Inuit people. Through the story of Maquinna, his family and fellow tribe members, we will see how the seal hunt is carried out, and its value to the Inuit people of the North. The models on this web page were all captured using new image-based techniques to faithfully digitally reproduce the real physical heritage objects.

The Culture
A look at the traditions carried out by Maquinna's family with regards to the seal hunt.

The Hunt
See how hunters like Maquinna hunt for seals in the Spring.

The Objects
Explore Maquinna's home and check out the various objects he uses to hunt and live in the Arctic.

The Models
Some 3D models of artifacts/sculptures of the seal hunt.

The modeling method
How the 3D models were computed from 2D camera images.

The Credits
Credits to people that make this site possible.

The Sculptures
Photos of the original sculptures.