About Tony Marsland

T. Anthony Marsland
Emeritus Professor of Computing Science
University of Alberta

Tony Marsland received his B.Sc. in Honours Mathematics from the University of Nottingham (UK, 1958) and M.S.E(E) and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle(USA, 1967). After working one year as an Assistant Professor he went to AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey for two years as a Research Scientist, before joining the Computing Science Department at the University of Alberta. He was an ACM National Lecturer during 1979-81 and a McCalla Research Professor in 1985-86. His primary teaching and research interests were in the area of distributed computing systems design. Until about 1986 he also worked extensively on the selective search computer chess program Awit/Wita, written in AlgolW, and participated with it in many North American and World Computer Chess Championships.

In the past, Tony served on a variety of General and Faculty committees, and completed one term as Associate Chair of Computing Science with primary responsibility for the Graduate Research Program. After helping for many years on NSERC's International Relations Committee, he spent much of the 1994 academic year visiting the University of Hong Kong. In addition to normal teaching and research activities he was President of the International Computer Chess Association (1992-99), during which time the Kasparov - Deep Blue matches occurred. Separately, he has edited two books and written three lengthy encyclopedic articles.

Despite years of programming experience with languages like Assembler, Fortran, Snobol, Lisp, Pascal and C (and the many arcane scripting languages on Unix Systems), he is now happy to let others do the real work while he enjoys modern computer interfaces for day to day use and communication!

After many years as a Professional Engineer (member of APEGGA) he has a continuing special interest in the Industrial Internship Program (IIP) (which he directed 1994-2004) and in maintaining good external contacts.


B.Sc. Honours Mathematics, 1958, University of Nottingham.
M.S.E(E). Electrical Engineering, 1965, University of Washington, Seattle.
** Thesis Title: "Control Systems Study through Dynamic and Non-linear Programming", 120pp.
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1967, University of Washington, Seattle.
** Dissertation Title: "Adaptive Computer Programs: An Aid in Problem Analysis", 130pp.

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