Awit Computer-Chess Archive (1978 - 1986)..........INDEX-restored
AlgolW source (1986 original and 2009 Unix version), AWE (AlgolW Compiler/Translator)

Wita Computer-Chess Archive (1968 - 1971)
B-5500 Algol source from August 1970, and companion notes.

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Welcome to the Awit-Wita Computer-Chess Archive Site

Although the materials under most of the above menu buttons (e.g., Awit-2009 sources, and Wita Notes 1968-70) are complete, some companion explanatory texts are still being generated.

For further information, contact the author.
1 March 2010
1 June 2011: Added Wita 3 (aka Marsland CP) B-5500 Algol source code
9 August 2012: Replaced references to AW2C with AWE (Glyn Webster's new AlgolW Compiler)
22 August 2020: Updated the AWE entry to refer to Glyn Webster's current AlgolW web site.
27 Dec 2020: Added WITA3.card to the Wita 3 Source 1970 folder.
....WITA3.card is a source file extracted by Paul Cumberworth in 2015 (B5500 Emulator Project) from a 1970 compilation listing.
....This file compiles and executes under Paul Kimbel's B5500 emulator.
....The file WITA3.card.txt is the same file but with the sequence numbers and trailing blanks removed.

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