T. A(Tony) Marsland

Technical Reports 1963-1998.

A complete list of Technical Reports for the period 1963-1998.

  1. "Minimum cost airlift fleet-sequence model", (with D. Ronglie and D. Rux), Boeing Co.,
       #D6-9860, Nov. 1963.
  2. "A generalization of the roots of matrices program", Boeing Co.,
       #D6-6952, Jan. 1964, 66pp.
  3. "An interim guide to the fleet sequence model", (with D. Rux), Boeing Co.,
       #D6-6877, May 1964, 111pp.
  4. "A general program to simulate actuator mechanisms", Boeing Co.,
       #D6-7571, April 1964, 126pp.
  5. "The solution of simultaneous differential equations by the Laplace and Z-transform approach", Boeing Co.,
       #D6-2165, June 1965, 29pp.
  6. "The supersonic fighter cost effectiveness model", Boeing Co.,
       #D6-17441, June 1965, 16pp.
  7. "Dynamic programming: An approach to the optimal solution of continuous control problems", Boeing Co.,
       #D6-17448, July 1965, 66pp.
  8. "An adaptive computing system for the synthesis of threshold logic networks", US Airforce Rept.,
       DDC #AD 663446, Sep. 1967, 130pp. 1970/79
  9. "A program accessing scheme for the Graphic-2", Bell Labs,
       MM70-1385-12, July 1970, 18pp.
  10. "A direct access communication package for the Graphic-2", Bell Labs,
       MM70-1385-13, Aug. 1970. 16pp.
  11. "Changing emphasis in the Graphic-2 operating system", Bell Labs,
       MM70-1385-14, Aug. 1970. 31pp.
  12. Fridrich, M., T.A. Marsland and G. Neufeld: "Performance comparison of two time-sharing systems",
       un-numbered report, Sept. 1971, 21pp.
  13. Marsland, T.A.: "A users guide to WITA",
       TR74-2, Feb. 1974, 20pp.
  14. Nam Ng, T.A. Marsland and J. Penny, J.: "A graphics facility for the applications programmer",
       TR74-8, May 1974, 44pp.
  15. Marsland, T.A. and Sutphen: "UNIX system notes", Jan. 1975, 20pp. (re-issued Jan.76)
  16. Demco, J. and T.A. Marsland: "A complete PDP-11 emulation",
       TR75-13, Aug. 1975.
  17. Marsland, T.A.: "ALGOLW references: ....",
       TR75-15, Sep. 1975, 110pp.
  18. Marsland, T.A. and J. Demco: "A contemporary computer emulation",
       TR76-1, Feb. 1976, 32pp.
  19. Marsland, T.A. and K.J. McDonell: "The input/output architecture of MTS",
       TR77-3, Sep. 1977, 29pp.
  20. Marsland, T.A.: "A comprehensive list of computer chess literature",
       TR77-4, Sep. 1977. (Revised May 1978.), 41pp.
  21. Marsland, T.A.: "A programmed introduction to ALGOLW", (editor),
       TR77-10, Oct. 1977, 75pp.
  22. Sutphen, S. and T.A. Marsland: "A heterogeneous dual processor using MTS and UNIX systems,
       TR 78-2, May 1978, 43pp.
  23. Isloor, S.S. and T.A. Marsland: "Deadlock detection in databases distributed on a network of computers",
       TR 78-3. May 1978, 40pp.
  24. Marsland, T.A. and S.S. Isloor: "A review of the deadlock problem in operating, database and distributed systems",
       TR 78-5, Dec. 1978, 62pp.
  25. Marsland, T.A., T. Crocker and M. Campbell: "Partial compilation and support for block structure language programs",
       TR 78-6, Dec. 1978, 35pp.
  26. Marsland, T.A.: "The impact of computer technology in Canada",
       TR 79-1, Jan. 1979, 32pp. 1980/89
  27. Marsland, T.A., M.S. Campbell and A.L. Rivera: Parallel search of game trees,
       TR 80-7, Oct. 1980, 40pp.
  28. Marsland, T.A.: "An English language bibliography of computer chess",
       TR 81-1, Jan. 1981, 42pp
  29. Marsland, T.A. and M. Campbell: Parallel search of strongly ordered game trees,
       TR 81-9, Sept. 1981, 34pp.
  30. Brindle, A. and T.A. Marsland: "Experience with a programming laboratory",
       TR82-1, April 1982, 33pp.
  31. Campbell, M.S. and T.A. Marsland: A Comparison of Minimax Tree Search Algorithms,
       TR82-3, July 1982, 27pp.
  32. Marsland, T.A. and M. Campbell: A Study of Parallel Tree Search Algorithms,
       TR82-4, July 1982, 28pp.
  33. Marsland, T.A.: A Quantitative Study of Refinements to the Alpha-beta Algorithm,
       TR82-6, August 1982, 22pp.
  34. Marsland, T.A. and F.P. Popowich: A Multiprocessor Tree-Searching System Design,
       TR83-6, July 1983, 23pp.
  35. Popowich, F.P. and T.A. Marsland: Parabelle: Experience with a Parallel Chess Program,
       TR83-7, August 1983, 40pp.
  36. Jagannathan, D. and T.A. Marsland: "An Architecture Model for Distributed Databases",
       TR83-8, Sept. 1983, 20pp.
  37. Schaeffer, J., M. Olafsson and T.A. Marsland: "Experiments in distributed tree search",
       TR84-4, June 1984, 21pp.
  38. Marsland, T.A. and F. Popowich: Parallel Game-tree Search,
       TR85-1, Jan. 1985, 30pp.
  39. Olafsson, M. and T.A. Marsland: Implementation of Virtual Tree Machines,
       TR85-9, May 1985, 29pp.
  40. Reinefeld, A., T.A. Marsland and J.Schaeffer: Is Best First Search Best?,
       TR85-16, Oct. 1985, 27pp.
  41. Srimani, N. and T.A. Marsland: PS*, a new Algorithm for Searching Game Trees,
       TR86-2, Jan. 1986, 21pp.
  42. Armstrong, W.W., T.A. Marsland, M. Olafsson and J. Schaeffer: Solving Equations of Motion on a Virtual Tree Machine,
       TR86-11, June 1986, 20pp.
  43. Marsland, T.A.: Searching for Chess,
       TR87-6, May 1987, 37pp.
  44. Altmann, E., T. Breitkreutz & T.A. Marsland: Overheads in Loosely Coupled Parallel Search,
       TR87-15, July 1987, 27pp.
  45. Breitkreutz, T., T.A. Marsland & E. Altmann: Parallel Search of Skewed Trees,
       TR87-16, Aug. 1987, 27pp.
  46. Marsland, T.A., T. Breitkreutz & S. Sutphen: NMP - A network Multi-processor,
       TR88-22, Dec. 1988, 22pp.
  47. Breitkreutz, T., S. Sutphen & T.A. Marsland: Developing NMP Applications,
       TR 89-11, March 1989, 29pp.
  48. Li, Liwu and T.A. Marsland: On Minimax Game Tree Search Pathology and Node-value Dependence,
       TR90-24, August 1990, 34pp.
  49. Marsland, T.A.: Computer Chess and Search,
       TR 91-10, April 1991, 28pp.
  50. Reinefeld, A. and T.A. Marsland: Memory Functions in Iterative-Deepening Search,
       FBI-HH-M-198/91, Univ. of Hamburg, May 1991, 22pp.
  51. Marsland, T.A.: Single Agent and Game-Tree Search,
       TR91-16, Aug. 1991, 23pp.
  52. Yang, Z. and T.A. Marsland: Global Snapshots for Distributed Debugging: An Overview,
       TR92-03, March 1992, 14 pp.
  53. Marsland, T.A. and A. Reinefeld: Heuristic Search in one and two player games,
       TR 93-02, Feb. 1993, 49 pp.
  54. Farrage, S. and T.A. Marsland: Dynamic Splitting of Decision Trees,
       TR 93-03, March 1993, 35pp.
  55. Reinefeld, A. and T.A. Marsland: Enhanced Iterative-deepening Search,
       Nr. 120, March 1993, 27 pp. Fachbereich Mathematik-Informatik, Univ. of Paderborn, Germany.
  56. Anam, M and T.A. Marsland: "Storage Hierarchy Management",
       TR 94-05, Mar. 1994.
  57. Marsland, T.A. and Y. Gao: Speculative parallelism improves search?,
       TR95-05, April 1995.
  58. Marsland, T.A., Y. Gao and F Lau: A Study of Software Multithreading in Distributed Systems,
       TR95-23, Nov. 1995.
  59. Eskicioglu, Rasit and T.A. Marsland: Distributed Shared Memory: A Review,
       TR96-22, Sept. 1996.
  60. Eskicioglu, R, T.A. Marsland, W. Hu and W. Shi: Evaluation of JIAJIA Software SDSM Systems on High Performance Computer Architectures,
       TR98-08, June 1998.
  61. Bjornsson, Y and T.A. Marsland: Risk management in Game-tree Pruning,
       TR98-07, July 1998.
  62. Eskicoglu, R and T.A. Marsland: Shared Memory Computing on SP2: JIAJIA Approach,
       TR 98-10, Aug. 1998.

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