Levi Lelis

Assistant Professor, Amii Fellow

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta and a Professor on leave from the Universidade Federal de Vi├žosa.

My research goal is to develop intelligent systems able to augment people through teaching and collaboration. Currently, my research group is researching algorithms to generate knowledge (e.g., strategies for playing games) that people can easily interpret and understand. Our idea is to use machine-generated knowledge to teach humans how to solve problems. For example, interpretable strategies can be used to compile human-readable manuals for teaching people games strategies.

We are also investigating the use of interpretable machine-generated knowledge in human-machine collaborative tasks, where algorithms help humans to solve problems. In our current research we are seeking to advance the state of the art in heuristic search, machine learning, program synthesis, and explainable artificial intelligence.


Would like to join my group? I am looking for motivated graduate students and a postdoc interested in heuristic search, machine learning, and program synthesis. We will be researching algorithms for synthesizing effective and interpretable strategies for solving problems and playing games. If you're interested in joining my group, contact me by email with a description of your background and research interests.

Contact Information

levi.lelis at ualberta dot ca
Athabasca Hall 3-43, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Research Funding